Friday, March 9, 2018

Bulldog Yoga Pop-Up

Last Wednesday, I was invited to attend a Bulldog Yoga pop-up at Haven's Kitchen. I'd never heard of Bulldog before so I was super intrigued to check it out. A bonus was that I used to work in the same office at the team who reps Bulldog so I had a feeling it had to be awesome. 

Bulldog Yoga was initially described to me as the invigorating, fitness and music-fueled yoga studio that's all about seizing the day, sweating it out, and not taking it all too seriously. I learned quickly via the teams' follow up that there was an online component that was actually the main focus. 

I ventured into the city to work from Coffeed, which was right next to Haven's Kitchen. After a super stressful day I could not wait for some yoga to help me relax and reset. 

When I arrived I headed up to the third floor which was super spacious and had private bathrooms. Both the PR and Bulldog teams we just hanging out greeting everyone. I loved how informal it was. If you know me, personally and in business, you know I am probably one of the least formal people ever. 

[Credit: Bulldog Yoga]

Eventually we made our way over to the mats that were set up. The founder gave a short speech about the brand which echoed what I mentioned above. He was so enthusiastic and excited. Then he introduced the instructor, whose name, in clear Lynette fashion, I've since forgotten. She was a tiny, bubbly yogi ready to get going! 

I freakin' loved this class. While I don't mind a traditional yoga class, there's a reason I tend to steer myself towards Y7, Flywheel, Overthrow, etc. The music! I love a good tune regardless of what I'm doing. When I teach Pilates I always toss on iHeartRadio so my students have something to listen to. 

The class I took was a 45-minute invigorate. The website describes it as "Look no further…this is your whole-body workout for the day. Invigorate is ambitious, stimulating and pretty darn aerobic."

That is pretty damn accurate. We did planks, warriors, down dogs, abs, you name it! 

The class flowed together great and I was sweating within the first 10 minutes. The instructor was clear, offered adjustments, and was genuinely happy to be there. 

She counted down in reps, which if you read my Lagree review you know I prefer!, offered modifications to make poses easier or harder, and made sure we were workin'. 

The music played a big factor for me. It made the 45 minutes fly by but also helped me power through the poses. Even though it wouldn't be considered 'zen' music, I was totally zenned out from beginning to end, even after until my train got stuck! 

If you have the opportunity to take a live Bulldog Yoga class, I highly recommend it. You'll leave feeling like a million bucks. 

For more information visit 

I am testing out the online component and will be posting a review early April! 



Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lagree NY - Class Review

On Sunday, after a fantastic double date on Saturday with my bestest friend for 20 years and her husband, I headed to a new fitness class with some of my Hellgate teammates. 

Lagree NY recently opened in Astoria on 23rd Ave at 28th St. It was about a 20 minute walk from my apartment. 

According to the website,  The Lagree Fitness Method is a high intensity, low impact workout performed on the evolutionary Megaformer. It is intense on the muscles yet safe on the joints, spine and connective tissues. The movements performed are slow and controlled which activate the slow twitch muscle fibers (your fat burning muscles). The method focuses on five key elements to reach effective muscle stimulation: Tempo, Duration, Range of Motion, Resistance and Angle. Lagree effectively combines strength, cardio, endurance, balance, core and flexibility not only in one session but in each and every move. 

[Credit: Lagree NY Facebook]

So think SLT! 

Since I'm a big Pilates reformer fan, I wasn't intimidated by the machine itself. I knew the workout would be a little more intense than a reformer class and I was excited to test it out. 

When we arrived, we each signed a waiver and one of the instructors went over the basics of the machines and demo'd a few moves. 

Then, it was time for us to start our class. 

The instructor wasted no time and the first thing we did was plank it out. As something with sensitive wrists, I would be cautious of this move. While my core was shaking the normal amount, and my legs, calves, arms and back were engaged, it killed my wrists since you're on a machine and there is not mat support. I'll admit I dropped down a few times! You're allowed to utilize your forearms here as well. 

After the warm-up, we went into legs, which included hamstrings, glutes and inner and outer thighs. The goal is, like in Pilates, to use slow and controlled movements. 

[Credit: Lagree NY Facebook]

I prefer rep countdowns but the instructor uses seconds and minutes which can be a little frustrating. When I teach, I use rep countdowns so perhaps that's the reason! 

One of my favorite moves was one the reminded me of Dolphin, where you start in a plank and use that lower core to lift your hips to the sky. What a burn! 

The class ended with some stretching on the machine. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and am going to return for a few more this month, especially before the NYC Half Marathon. 

Just a note- for those who work in the industry or have knowledge of boutique studios in-depth like me, contrary to normal boutique fitness practices, this studio does not allow purchase of new the member package after you've taken a trial class.

I can't wait to get back on the megaformer and burn those muscles so I can get up those Central Park hills in 3 weeks! 

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Intern Farewells

My favorite season is slowly coming to a close. What a whirlwind this summer has been. I can't wait to write my giant recap for you. As Labor Day approaches, I'm happy to announce I will be back to blogging regularly.

But before that happens, we have to say goodbye to our wonderful summer interns. We were so grateful to have them join our team and can't wait to watch them fly in their careers. 


Hi all! It’s Leahi again. I am tuning in for my last blog post of my internship. It’s been a busy month and a half here at LNPR. But I am thankful for the opportunity to be immersed into this industry. As I wrap up my final days here, I look forward to using the skills I learned here to my advantage. As I mentioned I learned a ton! One of the most important things I have learned is to be extremely detailed and critical of my own work. Before submitting things to be sure that they are triple checked and ready for approval. Also, making sure that it would make sense to not only me but someone else reading on or looking at it.

My favorite part of the internship was just researching and learning more about different magazines, blogs, and media outlets in general. Curating ways to be ahead of the curve and look for opportunities. It is a skill that is transferable to all careers. My least favorite part, would be looking for contact information for editors. Sometimes they aren’t open to the public and it can be incredibly frustrating not being able to find information needed for what seemingly looked like a perfect opportunity.

Future interns, never be afraid to ask questions and always, always, always check your work. If you’re working with another intern use each other for sources of information. It never hurts to learn more and expand your horizons or be open to other opinions and opportunities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, Create is the best place for lunch If you’re looking for a healthy afternoon pick me up! 
Signing off for the last time! Best of luck!



Hey everyone! This is sadly my last post on the intern diaries as my internship at Lynette Nicole PR has come to and end. I’m getting ready to return to Penn State to continue my studies in public relations and I know that my experiences as an intern this summer will only help me to be a better student and eventually a better public relations practitioner. 

I definitely learned a lot more than I expected to as a first time intern. From talking to friends who have interned at other companies, I expected to be getting a lot of coffee and getting a backseat view into the world of public relations. However, my internship Lynette Nicole PR gave me a lot of responsibility and valuable experience. Some of the most important skills I learned at LNPR would have to be how to write a pitch and how to find editors and outlets to target. I know that these are skills that I will carry with me throughout my future in public relations and ones that will give me an advantage while looking for internships next summer. I also learned how to work in a professional environment. This was the first real job I’ve ever had. Through this experience I’ve learned how important it is today attention to details, communicate effectively, and not be afraid to ask questions. 

My favorite part of my internship would have to be getting to work on and assist the various events LNPR has thrown for our clients this summer. I got to help organize a media class for Yo Yoga!, an opening party for XO Marshmallow and a s’mores competition for XO Marshmallow. I also really enjoyed getting to witness photo-shoots and a segment filming for our clients like the Well + Good photoshoot for Yo Yoga! and their showcase on Cheddar TV. My least favorite task would have to be searching for editor emails. There were some editors who don’t publicly share their emails. It was really frustrating to scour the web for hours to only have to give up in the end because their emails were actually impossible to find. 

My biggest piece of advice for future interns would be to take your time and pay close attention to the details. It’s easy to make mistakes when you have a heavy work load and are stressed about being able to finish everything. It’s important to take a deep breath, slow down, and triple check your work. 

Excuse us while we go drown our sadness of them leaving in a bottle of wine. 


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Leahi x 2

Good morning! It is FREEZING here in NYC today. NY, let's get your shit together before I head to the beach to work for 4 days. I'd like to maybe sit outside? I can't believe I am wearing my winter running leggings with a sweatshirt and sneakers right now. Clearly ranting because it's August and this is my FAVORITE season ever. 

Anyway, as promised, here are two blog posts from Leahi. She's talking working from home and her first month at Lynette Nicole PR! 


1. It has been a interesting and very busy couple of weeks here at LNPR. With the Fancy Food Show in full swing, we were all separated for the time being and had to work remotely. This was a challenge especially not working from home before. We started with a conference call at 9 AM to go over what needed to be done for that day. We reviewed the importance of staying on top of all our memos and being sure to fill them out with accuracy. We were online all day and in constant communication.

The best way to be effective while working from home is to set up like we usually would in the office. Find a desk, get out everything we need, refrain from checking sites like Facebook, and keep the email and instant messaging browser open. It is a lot harder to do this in a public place as distractions are multiplied and intensified. Thankfully, I had my dorm room to myself. I put on some music and sat at my desk and got to work. Its best to treat it like a normal work day and actually could be more effective because you can hone in and focus.

It was a great learning week here at LNPR and I look forward to the next week!

2. Hi again! This month has been quite an experience. It has been a learning curve for sure and I have really been tossed into the mix of things. I have learned that staying on my toes is vital to this job. It is all about getting things done but also with great quality. I have been able to hone my skills a bit and learn how to do things the right way and with efficiency.

My favorite tasks would have to be more on the creative side. I love researching item for grab bags and things for events. It lets me be more creative and use my imagination even more. One of my least favorite tasks would be trying to find emails online when they aren’t on the database we use. It gets really frustrating when editors and influences move around and emails can be lost.

In the next month I just hope to learn some more transferable skills for work after I leave. Learning a lot of the things I have, have helped me hone down some skills that are necessary for other jobs as well. Ultimately, I just want to learn as much as possible! After all, this is my last year in school and I just want to learn as much as possible before entering the real world.

That’s all for now!