Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

I know I'm a bit late but, Happy New Year! Hard to believe it's 2016 already. I repeat the same thing I said last year, this year flew by. In honor of 2016, here some of the highlights (the good and bad) of the past year and 6 goals. 

Went to a cat cafe twice. The second time I got to do yoga with the kitteh's!

Became a certified nutritionist through Keri Glassman's Nutritious Life. 

Attended a slew of fashion week events.

Got to see old friends at Meghan's baby shower.

Was asked to be one of Christine's bridesmaids.

Volunteered in the medical tent at 2 major NYC races. 

Celebrated my cousins sweet 16.

Ran 11 races, 9 of which got me guaranteed entry into the 2016 NYC Marathon. 

Did yoga in Bloomingdales.

Acquired 2 "major" injuries that are barely subsiding.

Went to Montauk and rode a bike for the first time in 4 years.

Went hiking at Bear Mountain.

Got to go to Florida twice- once for Father's Day and another for Christine's Bachelorette in Miami. 

Went to Mystic, CT, for the first time.

Experience my first share house in the Hamptons. 

Helped Anna film her first TV segment.

Participated in the Lole White Tour.

Did yoga on a helipad.

Saw The Pope.

Was featured on several outlets in regards to my blog and as a nutritionist. 

Hosted my first nutrition chat.

Went to Boston with my college besties. 

[Photo Credit: BossBabe]

Became an entrepreneur.

So what do I hope to accomplish in 2016?

1. Finish the NYC Marathon (yes I have a time goal, no I won't tell you because it is my first marathon after all). 

2. Continue to limit tech/social media time and be more present in situations. 

3. Chill out a little and stop overreacting. 

4. Continue to keep in touch and make time for friends.

5. Recognize when guys are playing games and take myself out of the situation before it escalates #NoGames2016. 

6. Continue to work hard and grow my businesses but never forget the importance of taking time for myself and friends. 

Cheers to another year!



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Friendsgiving 2015!

2 weekends ago I hosted my second annual Friendsgiving! It started out last year as a housewarming party/Friendsgiving and I decided to continue the tradition (mainly because all of my friends took the other holidays).

This year, we switched it up and did a potluck. Last year I cooked everything but dessert. Since everyone was bringing a dish, I decided to go the healthy route.

If you're still puzzled as to what to bring to Thanksgiving tomorrow, here are a few yummy suggestions:
Have a happy and safe holiday. I'm going to try a little digital detox. I'll be back next week!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wine, Running and Travel

[Credit: Anna Uncorked]

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Me neither. That also means I've been planning well into 2016 for running. Aside from the marathon, the other race I'm most excited for is the Wine Country Half Marathon in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The first weekend in June I'll be headed down for a little R&R in wine country. Does it get any better than that? The team reached out to me last year and unfortunately schedules didn't allow for us to coordinate.

[Credit: Merlot Mommy]

I'll be experiencing the full VIP package and can't wait to tell you about it!

According to a press release, "Destination Races, based in Sonoma, California, is the pioneer producer of the Wine Country Half Marathon Series. Founded in 2004, the Wine Country Half Marathon Series consists of seven races across prestigious wine regions in North America. Offering unforgettable experiences on and off the course, including the popular post-race wine and music festival, runners travel far and wide for these boutique destination races. The race series attracts elite runners as well as food and wine enthusiasts who share their common bond of running and celebration. The Wine Country Half Marathon Series has limited fields in each event to ensure the participants and their guests can enjoy all the race weekends have to offer, including exclusive winery tours, plus receptions and dinners featuring the local bounty at esteemed wineries and other unique venues."
[Credit: The Sassy Swan]
 Registration is now open for the June 4, 2016 race. $95 includes:
  • Access to scenic 13.1 mile course
  • Our Award-winning Finisher’s Medal
  • Moisture-wicking event running shirt
  • Personalized runner’s bib
  • Transportation to/from race start and finish from designated hotels and parking areas
  • Virtual Race Bag
  • Chip timing system and results
  • Support from law enforcement, volunteers and staff
  • Opportunity to win cash, wine, and other age group awards
  • $10 per entry fee contribution to partnering charities
For this race, your wine glass and wine pouring for the Post Race Wine & Music Festival must be purchased as an added option through Race Extras.

Will you be joining me?


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Row House Chelsea

Hey all! It's been awhile. After Staten Island, I hosted a Nutrition By Lynette event, hung out with some friends, ran the Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off, and took my first rowing class.

I've rowed a bit during classes before, when I tried out Crossfit and at Exceed, but never went to an entire classes dedicated towards it. I was invited to check out Row House's new Chelsea studio and thought, why not?

I chose an early morning class because they had showers. The staff greeted me when I walked in and showed me where everything was and had me sign a waiver. The entire place itself is tinier than I thought it would be.

There are lockers outside the locker room and inside (similar to Mile High Run Club). I put my stuff inside since I was going to shower.

A class was wrapping up so we waited in the lobby area until it was time to go in. The instructor called us in and we were able to choose our own machine which I liked. I chose one in the back right. My class had a lot of people who had never been there before so it was nice to have others in the same boat as me.

[Credit: Tyler Bradley Indyck]

The class itself went by really fast (maybe I wasn't working hard enough). The instructor spent time going over technique and came around to make corrections. After about 15 minutes we got off the rower and took it to the floor. We did a series of squats and leg exercises and then abs.

Afterwards we got back on and did some speed work. The goal was to row a certain distance in a specific time frame.

[Credit: Tyler Bradley Indyck]

The impact of this class was low and I really enjoyed it. I felt it in my arms and upper back in the beginning of class but then it subsided. I'm sure if I worked a little harder I'd feel it more.

Overall, the class and the studio were great and I'm excited to see what Row House has in store for the future!

Row House Chelsea, 269 W 23rd St 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10010.