Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Songs for a 10K: Country Style

Experienced runners laugh your butts off, but I used to shudder at the thought of running or working out without my iPod. No music meant either no workout or a half-assed one. I have now discovered that no music can be super relaxing and actually make me run faster.  Tomorrow I am running my second 10K (first one was about 3 weeks ago) with no iPod, mainly because it’s the Rock ‘n Roll series! I am really excited to hear all the different bands on the course, which I may add is Prospect Park in Brooklyn that I was told is gorgeous.

My taste of music is probably quite different from yours, I’m a country fan! That definitely stemmed from going to school in upstate New York for 4 years. However, these songs will get you up and running so check them out.  

10 Songs for a 10K:

1. She’s Country Jason Aldean
2. Truck Yeah Tim McGraw
3. Good Girl Carrie Underwood
4. Fastest Girl in Town Miranda Lambert
5. Felt Good on My Lips Tim McGraw
6. Drink Myself Single Sunny Sweeney
7. Cruise Florida Georgia Line
8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift
9. Big Star Kenny Chesney

10. God Lover Her Toby Keith

*Please note: You will need more than 10 songs for a 10K!

Check back next Saturday for 5 songs for a 5K (not country style, I promise)!


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