Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 PR Tips I Picked Up Along the Way

Sometimes I consider myself a professional intern because I've done so many. I’m still currently an intern (over a year after I graduated) who’s on a journey to find the firm that is the perfect fit for me (I LOVE the firm I’m at right now, hint-hint!). One of the things I enjoy about internships is what I take away from each firm, boss and co-worker. Here are 5 of my PR tips that I picked up along the way that I believe helped me out.

  1. Always volunteer to do menial tasks, they make you stand out.
  2. Bullet points are essential in pitches for easy reading.
  3. Ask questions. I know I must be the most annoying intern ever, but the point is to learn as much as possible, and asking questions is important.
  4. Don’t add e-mail addresses until you’re 100% ready to press send; you don’t want to accidentally send a message that isn’t finished or to an unintended recipient.
  5. Double check attachments. An editor will not appreciate that spring break photo as much as you do. 

Public Relations.

What are your top 5 PR tips?


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