Saturday, October 27, 2012

5 Reasons My Distance Runs Are Worth It

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Before the FITNESS Mind, Body, Spirit Games 4 Miler, I laughed at the thought that I could even run that far. Mind you I had already signed up for my 10K. Luckily I joined my run club 2 weeks beforehand and they whipped me right into 4 mile shape. I kept my pace and finished in just over 40 minutes. As I grow as a runner, I've started appreciating long runs more. Why?

1. I love taking in the scenery. Especially now that the trees are turning and leaves falling. Each turn has something new and pretty around the corner.

2. Long runs clear your head. Even if I’m running 6 miles with music, I still get lost in the moment where nothing is on my mind and I forget my music is even on.

3. A long flat run is the perfect time to work on speed. Sometimes I do  intervals or aim for steady pace a little above my norm. Although now I have to guess about speed, once I get my Garmin for Christmas (SO excited) it will be much easier to keep track of my pace.

4. I LOVE fall running clothes. Going on a nice long run in the fall means I can wear my running shorts and favorite Gapfit jacket and won’t be too hot or cold. They’re comfortable so the run is tolerable.

5. The last thing I appreciate about long runs? Finding out how far I can push myself. I never imagined I could run 6.2 miles. Next year I’m starting to train for my first half!

What are your favorite things about a long run? Favorite long run route?


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