Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lunch Tips

Let it be known that I do not participate in any fad diets or even think about counting calories. Whatever weight I have lost has been done naturally through exercise and carefully choosing what I eat. That may sound like a diet but if I am in the mood for a cookie, I’m going to eat it, I don’t deprive myself. However, I am always looking out for ways to keep my meals and snacks healthy. I work in a busy office where lunch is often eaten at my desk which makes it easier to want to pack a lunch in the morning.

From hanging out with friends or reading articles on the internet, I've noticed many people are not sure how to create healthy lunches. While pizza or Chinese may be tempting, these tips may help you rethink your lunch choice.

To cut back on carbs, put tuna on cucumber slices. I love a great tuna melt every once in a while or tuna on crackers but the carbs add up. Each individual is different but I know that too many carbs cause me to bloat and gain weight, making me feel icky.  The cucumber slices are healthy yet you still get that crunch like a cracker.

When I was younger, Cooler Ranch Dorito’s were my go-to chip. And I would eat way too many in one sitting. Now I opt for baked or popped chips. I love Popchips and Pirate’s Booty. They might not provide any nutritional value but are a bit better for you than greasy potato chips and go great with a sandwich. Consider the switch!

In every office I've worked in, pizza has been a lunch staple. I’m a born and raised New Yorker and yes I LOVE pizza too. How often do I eat real pizza place pizza? Rarely. I often opt for Kashi’s delicious pre-packaged ones. Same as with many other high calorie greasy foods, pizza is fine in moderation. Place the Kashi pizza in the oven and in a few minutes you will have a healthy delicious lunch. I recommend the mushroom trio and spinach.

What are some of your tips to keep lunch time healthy?


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