Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mizuno Running Shoes Review/Interview

Since I am very skeptical about trying new running shoes other than the brand I wear due to various injuries (I've been dancing/baton twirling/playing sports since I was 2) I decided to interview a friend at running club so you could get the scoop on the new Mizuno Wave Riders. 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Gloria Andia. She lives in NYC, works in mortgage sales origination and runs about 2-3 times a week. Running career highlights include the NYC Marathon, 2 half Marathons, a couple of 10K’s, and a few 5K’s.

[Mizuno sneakers and post run club treats]

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: Were you skeptical about trying a different type of shoe other than your usual brand?

Gloria: Yes, as many runners usually are. The right type of sneaker can make or break your training.

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants:
Was the fit different than what you were used to?

Gloria: It was different but a good different. It fit like a glove!

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: Do you feel the Mizuno Wave Riders are lighter than the average running shoe or about the same?

Gloria: They are definitely lighter than most of the other brands I have tried.

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: What was your favorite thing about the shoe?

Gloria: The arch support. I have a high arch and sometimes the shoes don't go up high enough causing me discomfort and pain after a few miles. When doing distance runs you need a shoe that is soft, comfortable and provides good support for your ankles.

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: Was there anything about the Mizuno Wave Rider you would change? 

Gloria: The only thing that bothered me was the sole on the front of the shoe was too flexible.

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: What is your current go-to running brand?

Gloria: Asics Gel 12! They are the best.

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: How often have you changed/tried different running shoe brands?

Gloria: Not often. I stick with Asics because they have worked for me for many years, I never had a leg, or ankle or foot injury and am very careful with the shoe I trust for running. The pressure of your entire body lies on your feet, so they need to be perfectly protected.

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants: Would you consider switching over to Mizuno from your current brand? 

Gloria: Yes, absolutely!

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the sneakers and any tips for future interviews!



  1. Love the interview and shoes! And such a cute name of your blog! xo, Julie