Monday, October 22, 2012

Run for Ross 5K Recap!

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from someone who I previously worked with on an event inquiring about a former brand I was with to sponsor her 5K. Since I no longer worked with the brand I decided to go out and run to support the fundraiser anyway. And I am so glad I did! First of all, I love Main Beach in East Hampton. It’s one of the prettiest beaches and looks just as nice in the winter as it does in the summer. The weather was perfect and the beautiful scenery was such a treat.

[Run for Ross sign]
[Main Beach, East Hampton]

 I got there at 8:30 AM to register because I wanted to make sure I would wake up. Normally I register for races beforehand but I’ve been so tired I didn’t want to waste money and not get to the race. I sat in my car until about 9:30 to keep warm since it was quite cold on the beach. Eventually I made my way back up to the meeting area where they had a tai-chi class on the beach to prep runners and walkers. There was also a DJ up on the deck which was nice as many smaller races do without.

[Tai-chi on the beach]
[Keeping warm pre-race in the car]
At about 9:55 they asked all participants to go down to the starting line. We all made our way down and they lined us up from runners to walkers to kids. There were many walkers and children (the 5K was supporting a school) and it was so cute seeing all the kids getting excited. There were very few runners and I lined up with the 9 minute milers (ambitious much?).  At 10:02 we were off! The course was very fast and flat. It really didn’t feel like it was 3 miles which is good because I felt like I was sprinting.

[Front of t-shirt]

Right before the 2nd mile I became incredibly hot (probably had something to do with the long sleeved fleece I was wearing) and grabbed a sip of water which is not something I normally do on short runs. But that little sip kept me going. I really liked the ending of this race. When we turned the last corner, the finish line was in view so the “finishing sprint” went a little quicker than usual. When I got up to the finish line the sun was so bright I couldn’t see the time and I think I lost a couple of seconds trying to see the clock! But who cares because I PR’d! I wanted less than 30 minutes and that’s exactly what I got. Finishing time was 28:25! I also received a medal for being 3rd in my age category (keep in mind this was a small race with many walkers).

[My first running medal]
Back up on the deck was water from Hampton’s Water Company and apples and cider from The Milk Pail. Awards were done at around 11 and the whole time the DJ was still playing. This was one of the best small races I have done and I recommend if you are in the Hampton’s area or close to it next year to participate!


Ps. Thanks Courtney for letting me know about it! 

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