Friday, November 30, 2012

Brrr...Tips for Running in the Cold

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As the temperature drops, runners need to make some changes to their normal workouts. Some of us are already feeling the effects of the colder air (ie. out of breath). With a race next weekend at 7 AM, I can't imagine how frigid it's going to be. I'm still new at running outside in the winter so I wanted to share some tips to make it a little less challenging.

1. Wear earmuffs. Your ears are going to freeze otherwise ( I know this from experience!). Anything that covers ears and stays on your head is perfect. These earmuffs from Saucony are great and include a reflective logo. Earmuff bonus: Headphones stay in your ears easier with something covering them. 

2. Use the thumb-holes in your shirt or wear gloves. Losing the feeling in your hand for a run is totally not worth it!

3. Lots of layers! I usually wear long leggings with a tight long sleeved shirt and running jacket. Keeps me warm enough but I don't get over heated during the run.

4. If you are new to running in the cold, like me, take it slow the first couple of times. Get used to the different breathing patterns and how the cold air hits your face. Honestly, risking your health is not worth a time/distance PR.

5. Fitsugar also reminds us to hydrate. Even though the temperatures are cooler, Fall and Winter air is significantly drier. Be sure to load up on water during the day, especially before your run, and have some handy during your run. This is something to keep in mind regardless of whether you're heading out on a run.

What tips do you swear by when running in the colder weather?



  1. I started my running career last year in the cold weather. Luckily for me it was a pretty mild winter! It is definitely a tough adjustment trying to figure out what and how much to wear! I personally like layers that can be easily taken off or unzipped to cool down the further I get into my fun!

    1. I'm still trying to get adjusted! I'm always cold so I have to remember that I am going running and can't bundle up too much!