Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Festival/Small Business Saturday Fun

For the past couple of years a tradition of mine and my sisters' has been to go into the town of Sayville for their annual Miracle on Main Street for Small Business Saturday. All of the local stores (and Starbucks of course) stay open past normal time while the streets are closed off and instead of being filled with cars, contain outdoor movies for kids, a gingerbread house contest, food trucks and stands, a carousel and my favorite, reindeer! At the base of all the fun and commotion is the newly lit Christmas tree. 

This year we decided to bring our mom and she definitely enjoyed it as much as we did. Although we didn't get through as many stores as we usually do. Below are some photos from last nights fun!

My sister needed new flat running shoes for winter tracks so we stopped at the running store. Little did I know we would be there for 30 minutes and she would get nothing. However we did pick up my only Christmas present, a Garmin Forerunner 10!

[Sayville Running Company holiday window]
[Snowman in a lobby]        
I thought my fitness friends would appreciate this one:

[Frog doing yoga!}
[A bag at Ooh La La Boutique]
My go-to store for Vera Bradley products closed and this seems to be going up in its place. I'm really excited for it to open and already loved the outfits in the windows.
[Obsessed with that skirt]
[New Years outfit?
My favorite part of the night:

[Just hanging out]
[Christmas tree ready for the holidays]
The perfect way to end the festival?



  1. I love little boutique shops!! They are always just so cute!!! I asked for a garmin watch for xmas as well!! I REALLY hoping this watch will make me faster! haha I'm thinking that if I start timing my runs I can work to get faster ever run. Thats my goal for next year!

  2. haha I need it to keep my pace and train for whatever half I actually do!