Friday, November 16, 2012

My First Physique 57 Experience

Instead of doing the usual Yoga with a View video the day after long runs I chose to test out something new. I was reading on Twitter earlier from the ever popular wellness site Well + Good that Physique 57 had just launched an online series. As someone who enjoys boutique studios more than the actual gym, I had always wanted to give this one a shot. For only $5, you can't really go wrong. 

[The instructor and 2 assistants, screenshot]
The class I chose was called Physique Cardio with a description of: Crank up your metabolic rate with fast paced bursts of pushups, planks and our favorite fat burning moves. Triceps, biceps and pecs, beware! 

Arms and legs beware is right! We warmed up with reps of various lunges and cardio moves. Then went into the main attraction that included tons of push ups squats and lunges. I haven't felt a burn like that in a long time! The instructor was very informative, even when I couldn't see the video and she didn't talk too much.

I can definitely say I worked up a sweat with this class. Eventually we added some planks to our push up series to work the core. 
[Getting our plank on, screenshot]
All in all, my first Physique 57 experience was a success. My complaint is the workout was supposed to be 27 minutes and it was not that at all. My recommendation is to make the class a little longer or at least the full length that is advertised. And maybe add a little bit more core work. But want a bonus? There was great music playing in the background! I actually had to pause the video because I thought there was an ad in the background. Rarely do you find workout videos as such!

Have you ever taken a Physique 57 class? Did you like it? What are your favorite barre studios?



  1. Hey Lynette! We agree that life IS TOTALLY better in yoga pants. Thanks so much for reading Well+Good, and I'm so glad we inspired you to try Physique 57 online.

    1. Thank you for your comment Melisse. I love Well+Good, so much great info. :)