Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Life As I Know It

…Is finally going back to normal. I’m sure most of you are over hearing about Sandy and the snowstorm and are ready to have some normalcy back in your life. After an amazing weekend of reliving my glory days (recovery took over 24 hours-that’s how you know you’re old) my life is finally coming back together. Yesterday I went for my first run outside since last Monday. I finished a successful 2 miles but then was just done. I guess taking an involuntary week off does not do wonders for you. This is going to be a catch up week for sure.

I also cooked up some delicious food and cannot wait to share the recipes and pictures with you. I made some sweet potatoes with a twist and delicious eggplant parmesan stackers. Nope, not exactly healthy but we’re getting back on track. The theme of the past 2 weeks may or may not have been booze and carbs. Surprisingly only 2 pounds were spared so I will not complain.

Posts will be back to normal within the next couple of days and I will have more to write about than terrible transportation and bad-for-you food.

[Some inspiration and truth for today!]


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