Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Commit To...


...Maintain a healthy lifestyle and complete my first half marathon. That is what I wrote for my promise on the Commitment Day website. I apologize for my lack of fitness posts, it's not something a health and fitness blog should be missing but being injured has left me with very little options of workouts. I walk on my treadmill and do Yoga With a View sessions. But you already know that. So back to Commitment Day.

On January 1st, instead of nursing your hangover, get out there and run a 5K! No, I'm not crazy. In 30 different cities across the US, Life Time is hosting a New Years Day race. I personally think this is a great way to start out the year fresh (in reality I will be taking care of my hangover, I would love to start the year fresh on the 2nd though!) and get a head start on your goals. Thankfully for most of you the race starts at 11 AM. The mission of Commitment Day is not to disturb your first day of 2013 but to encourage Americans to maintain a healthy way of life. 

Did you know? 2 in 3 Americans are considered overweight or obese. As someone who has always been overweight these statistics are quite alarming. Committing to a healthy lifestyle doesn't need to happen with a snap of your fingers or by making drastic changes. Start out small, like walking around your neighborhood for 20 minutes or eating a chocolate granola bar instead of a cookie. Small changes = big results.

So on January 1, 2013, get out there and run that 5K. Show everyone what your're made of. You may even surprise yourself! For my New Yorkers, your race is at 11 AM at Pier 84 and includes a post-event party with food, drinks, music and more. Registration is $39 but with this code (RDCD1) a $5 discount will be applied.

What are you're goals for 2013? Would you run a 5K on New Years Day? Any fitness topics you would like to see covered while I'm injured?


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