Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lucky Shops NYC

*Warning: Pictures are not of great quality

Yesterday I met a friend in the city for a late lunch and to walk around while catching up. We chose to explore SOHO and had a delicious lunch at The Cupping Room. The cafe was super cozy and decorated for the holidays. I got a mimosa (that was nice and strong!) and a grilled chicken pesto sandwich with fries (I'm injured, I deserve them haha) and Jaclyn got the eggs Benedict with a cappuccino from the brunch menu. 

Afterwards we headed out to browse some stores. Topshop had an awesome deal where with any purchase you made you could get a mini make-over, Lululemon had some fun patterns I was in love with and I could have went to town in Burton. I had read about the Lucky Shops on Twitter but wasn't really sure what they were. We stumbled upon them and although we did not have tickets, were allowed to go in since we arrived 15 minutes before they were shutting down. It was like an indoor Super Saturday! Each designer had their own little booth with a serious discount. Unfortunately I cannot just going around buying things at the moment but it was fun to look! This was also my friends first time at an event like this.

[Purple Carpet]
[View from the entrance]
There was a bar which served up free cocktails. Jaclyn had gotten mine so I'm not sure what it was called, but it was yummy! The shops were divided into 3 rooms; the middle had clothing and the bars, another had shoes, a Clarisonic station and a Maybelline makeover booth and the last had lingerie, handbags and jewlelry. I signed up for the Alex Woo e-mail list so I'm excited about that. Among the designers were Yumi Kim, Milly NY, Cut25 and many others. 

[Flash sales and drink menu, sorry it's impossible to read!]
[My yummy drink]
[The accessories section]
[The Maybelline booth]
After we checked out each booth and finished our drinks we headed out to check out a couple more stores and head back to our respective trains. I feel very lucky (no pun intended) to have been able to attend 2 major designer shopping events this year! 

Did you make it to the Lucky Shops? Who were your favorite designers? What did you get?




  1. I've always wanted to go check out Lucky Shops. sounds like it was fun!

  2. I didn't make it here, but I work right around the corner from SOHO and often find myself there on lunch breaks.. Very dangerous! :)