Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Three: Activities for When You're Sick

I'm not sure if you've noticed but most of the world is sick right now including myself. Let's be honest, being sick totally blows, but there are some upsides. Today's Thursday Three is my favorite things to do when I'm potentially dying.

[Catch up on my reading (source)]
[Play video games all day (source)]
[Eat lots of chicken noodle soup (source)]

Now that I realize how much this list makes me look like an old lady I'm going to share some good news. After testing out my knee last night on the treadmill I'm happy to announce half marathon training will begin soon! With that will also come with a review of the book Running a Marathon for Dummies. Can't wait to share my schedule and stories with you all. For now, feel better and enjoy your Thursday!



  1. I feel like I came back from vacation and everyone was suddenly sick!! :( Feel better!

    1. I know :( Most of my office is sick. Thank you,hope you stay healthy!