Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Toning Up Tuesday: Core

Something many of my at-home workouts lack strength work and toning. I focus so much on cardio that I forget even though I'm not taking a class, I still need to do arms, legs and core. To keep myself in check I'm going to do a series of Toning Up Tuesday posts. This week is focusing on core and I'm going to share my top 4 moves that tone and tighten. 

One of my favorites that almost everyone incorporates into their ab regimen is planks. I usually try and hold for a minute and a half and include dips to each side to work on obliques. To make sure your form is correct try and use a mirror and don't let your hips/butt sag to the floor. Make sure longs are long and strong as well. 
I'm unsure of the name of the next few but I hope from my explanation you can understand them. This one is a variation of boat pose. Instead of holding the pose you push your legs forward and upper body back so you're almost laying on the ground but not quite. Then use your core to pull you back to boat post. I do about 10 reps of these twice alternating with the next move.
To work on obliques I come back into boat pose and use either a weight or very small medicine ball. Controlling your movement, move the weight from right to left (1 rep). Remember to tighten your core as well. I do 10 reps of these,
The last move I want to share is a crunch with your knees up and bent. Personally, this move works all of my core so I try to always incorporate it in to my regimen. I usually do about 30.

Please extend your feedback on this post, positive or negative, as this type of post is a bit new for me. Also, what are your favorite core exercises? Who taught them to you?


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