Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toning Up Tuesday: Legs Part 1

There are so many leg moves that I love I couldn't fit them into 1 post. For today's Toning Up Tuesday I'm going to share 3 moves that I learned in college that I still use today. They are all done on the ground while you are laying on your side. Make sure hips are stacks and you're parallel to the ground. Support the body by bending one elbow (like when you do a side plank) and placing the other hand on the floor in front of you.

1. Leg Circles: These are a bitch for me. Yup I wrote that. But the burn technically means they're working which is why I suck it up. Lift leg up about 4 inches and point your toe. From here you can either do big circles or little ones. Sometimes I do both. Push leg forward then up and around back to the starting point. Repeat 10 times. Reverse for 10 reps by pushing the leg backwards and around. Repeat on left and right sides.

[Remember to point your toe! Source]

2. Leg Lifts: These will tone your outer legs. Starting the same way on your side but this time flexing your foot (like the above photo).  Then lift leg up and down for 10 reps. Make sure movement is slow and controlled. Repeat on left and right sides.

3. Inner Thigh Leg Lifts: This is the last toning move I want to share with you today. This tones the inner thighs. Bend the top leg and place foot in front of the bottom leg. Point the toe of the leg still on the floor to the ground. Making sure you're stabilized with your hand and foot on the ground, slight lift the bottom leg up and down. Same with the last move, make sure movement is slow and controlled. Repeat for 20 reps on left and right sides.

Got any favorite leg moves you want to share? What doesn't work for you?



  1. Great leg moves!! I'm always a fan of squats and lunges myself, but love finding new ones to mix it up!