Friday, January 25, 2013

Workouts, Broken Computers and More!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for bearing with this week. If you follow me on Twitter than you already know that my computer charger broke and the battery has been dead. My new one arrived today (along with my sweat pink tank) and surprise! Doesn't work. So I'm sneaking on someone elses to update you!

New posts will resume next week for sure and I already have some fun recipes and things to share. I've starting running again and my knee seems fine. We're going for 4 miles this Saturday so fingers crossed. I've also done some pretty successful treadmill workouts I'll share. Surprisingly I didn't die (which is usually how I feel on there). I'm excited to start training for my half in the coming weeks too.

And an open statement to TV lovers. PLEASE stop live tweeting Pretty Little Liars and Nashville. Sometimes a girl is tired and has to watch them on-demand on the weekends!

Thanks for understanding and hope you've been catching up in the meantime!


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