Monday, January 7, 2013

Yoga With A View

Who wants to do a full hour workout when they get home from work at 8 PM? Yea, me either. If you follow my posts, I've mentioned how much I love doing Yoga With A View when I get home because they are only about 20 minutes. However, I never really told you why I enjoy them so much other than they're quick and easy after a long train ride. 

There are 6 different episodes that focus on various parts of the body. My favorite is core and quads. Others include arms and glutes, ashtanga, deep stretching, spine and chest and hamstrings and torso. Each is led by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin who teaches regularly at Yoga Vida in NYC. I had the pleasure of taking a mini class with her at the FITNESS Magazine Mind, Body, Spirit Games this past September and it was great. 

Throughout the video, Hilaria gives great instruction so I don't have to actually watch and can focus on my movements and encourages you to keep going. She has 2 assistants who provide you with advanced and basic poses so you don't strain yourself. The video is broken up into 3 segments, although you won't really need the break. I usually hold down dog throughout them for an extra stretch. Also, the moves she incorporates are power moves so you are actually getting something out of the class even though it's condensed. 

I highly recommend checking this out when you need a relaxing workout after a long day or something quick before going out. Since I mention doing these yoga classes so often, I thought I should tell you what I love so much!

Have you ever use free online yoga classes? What did you think? Any favorites?



  1. I am going to have to try this! Part of the reason I hated hot yoga was the class was 90 minutes long. After a long day at the office, the last thing I have time for is a 90 minute class. Plus, I hated that it was so hot. Thanks for the recommendation! PS - I love the blog.

    1. I really like having this to come home to. I know you had so many issues with hot yoga! I want to go back and try Vinyasa instead of Bikram. I loved the heat but 90 minutes at 7 PM I would probably not enjoy. Thank you, I'm so glad! :)