Monday, February 4, 2013

I Scored Big This Weekend ;) the Lululemon YogaBowl warehouse sale that is! On Saturday morning I woke up a bit later than planned and skipped the run I wanted to do in the AM (did it in the afternoon instead) and trekked out west to the Nassau Coliseum to join the party. According to various websites I've read, Lululemon holds a warehouse sale in a different city once a year. 2013 happened to be New York. While the sales were good, they weren't as steep as I had hoped for. And something was just missing from the overall experience. They did a fantastic job of keeping up on Twitter with all questions though!

Since I have a monthly train ticket for work I decided to take the train out. When I got to Westbury the school bus shuttle was already waiting and the driver was really nice and funny. Shoppers got offered free Vita Coco as they boarded. Since I'm a lover of it I took advantage and grabbed one. The bus dropped us off at the main entrance of the coliseum where we walked downstairs to the sale. The line was short on Saturday morning which was nice since I'd heard horror stories from Friday. I got in pretty quick and since the sale was organized by size (the most perfect idea ever!) I went right to mine and got to work! I was on a mission for shorts and crops.

I grabbed some crops, a tank and a pair of shorts and headed to the fitting room. I didn't love the shorts or tank but I was obsessed with my crops. So much so I got all three and nothing else. Which was fine by me!

Overall I think it was a great event although I wish there was more going on. The demo that was going on when I was there wasn't really going on and most of the accessories were gone. But hey, I got what I came for so it was a touchdown for me and I was happy :)

Did you make it to yogabowl? What did you think? Score big?



  1. Ohh I DEFINITELY made it to Yogabowl this weekend and scored big as well!! A few new pairs of pants, some shorts, and a couple of track jackets!! So much fun! I was there first thing in the morning on Friday- The line wasn't too bad when I was there but as I left they said it was a two hour wait!!!! And they were NOT handing out Vita Coco on Friday!

    1. Haha my line went pretty quick and one of my favorite things was the Vita Coco! I'm so happy with my crops although I've only worn one pair so far. Maybe I'll take the cool patterned ones on a test run (pun intended) in Montauk!