Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Almost That Time

According to the weather app on my iPad it's going to be 42 degrees on Saturday. That means I'll most likely be heading outside for a nice 6 miler to kick off my half marathon training. I've been getting some decent runs in on the treadmill but it's not the same as being outdoors. I just wish it would be a little more warmer with a little less snow. 

In the coming weeks I'm going to start reviewing a book I was sent on marathon training and host my first giveaway. All my yogi friends are going to LOVE it! I do have some questions for my fitness friends out there today:

What do you use to promote your blog during the day? Tweet deck?

How long before your half marathon did you start training?

Favorite cross training activity?

Where do you like to do your long runs?

I look forward to reading your answers!



  1. I just started using Tweet Deck -- seems cool! I started training 8 weeks in advance, I think, but I believe they recommend 12 weeks normally? That's what I recall from my first half-marathon.

    Favorite cross-training activity is strength training followed closely by spinning :) And finally -- Central Park! I hate hills but I know I need to run them to be a stronger runner.

    1. Thanks for the comment girl :) 8 weeks? I'm clearly on my own plan lol

      I HATE strength training but spin and yoga are up top for the next couple of months. We need to hit the park when it's warmer.