Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toning Up Tuesday: Legs Part 2

2 weeks ago, I featured some leg moves I learned in college. For today's Toning Up Tuesday I'm going to show you my 3 favorite squats/lunges. Although these are not my favorite things to do, ever, sometimes they just have to be done. They're perfect for home workouts or you can do them while lifting weights at the gym (for you multitaskers!).

1. Regular Squats: Stand with your legs hips width apart. For those who are advanced, grab a small medicine ball or weight. In a controlled movement, squat down like you're going to sit on a chair. Then stand up. If you have a weight, when you squat life it up in front of you. Repeat 12 times. 


2. I also like to do forward lunges on each leg. Start with feet together and grab 2 light weights this time. Make sure all toes are pointing forward. Step first with your right foot while curling weights for a bicep curl. Make sure your lunge is deep and your knee isn't too far far forward. Then come back to standing position. Repeat with left leg. That is 1 set. Repeat 8 times.

3. The last thing I like do are side lunges. start with your feet together. With all toes pointing forward still, step out with your right leg and squat back as described in 1 above. Bring hands together at chest level. Come back with feet together and hand down. Repeat 8 times. Switch to left side and repeat 8 times.


How do you tone your legs? What do you think of these moves?


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