Monday, March 4, 2013

Half Training: Miles, Sickness and More

Something I learned this past weekend? Being super sick does not make for a good training run. Last weekend before I headed up to Cortland to get a change of scenery, I had an awesome 6 mile run. And should my estimates be correct, it was at a sub 10:00 pace. Yay! The run was easy and had some nice views. Although I had to change up my route due to snow not being removed. Hopefully when it's a bit warmer I'll do it the way I intended.

[Before my terrible run]
After I came home from Cortland I gave myself Monday off and had planned to do an easy 3 miles for Tuesday. Instead it turned into a 2 mile spring at a sub 9:40 pace, which was fine by me! It was cold and it needed to be over. All went downhill after that, I ended up having a fever which put me in bed for 2 days and had an interview on the third. I tried for 6 miles again on Saturday but with no working out during the week, being SUPER sick and it being cold, I ended up with a crappy 3.5. At least it was something.

I did a nice interval workout this morning on the treadmill to stay warm and am hoping to get a hot yoga sesh in tomorrow evening. My biggest focus is getting better.

What do you do when you get sidelined by a sickness? Any home remedies to cure you quick?



  1. I feel like this weather has made it incredibly difficult for me to get out and run at all so good for you keeping it up even the "crappy" 3.5!!!

    1. Thanks! This weather is miserable. I'm hoping it gets a bit warmer so I can actually get this training done!