Monday, March 11, 2013

Halfway There

Happy Monday! As April gets closer and closer my training is getting tougher. This past Saturday I ran the furthest I have ever ran and it felt fabulous. Since the distances I need to start running are really long for me I've been trying to keep up with my workouts during the week. Making sure my core is strong is important too so I don't get burnt out. I'm hoping to add some more yoga and spin classes into my regimen for some muscle confusion. My training schedule this past week was:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Intervals on the treadmill- They went well however my cat interrupted when he jump on because I had to pause to take an important phone call. While I tried to get him off I accidentally pulled the emergency plug and had to guess where to pick it back up.

Tuesday: Hot Vinyasa yoga- I posted a review on this class. It was not so great but a much needed workout (I also needed to sweat out the delicious but not nutritous lunch I had at jury duty). I was sore after so I guess something went right.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 3 Miles on the treadmill- Ran 3 straight miles on the treadmill because it was still cold out. According to my Garmin time and treadmill time, I run REALLY slow on a machine. Ooops.

Friday: Intervals on the treadmill- Did 25 minutes of intervals to toss a light workout in before my long run. 

Saturday: Long run of 6.5 miles- The only problem with this run was I was wearing too many layers. I had on a long sleeved shirt (thank god  it wasn't my Under Armour compression one) along with my GapFit hoodie/jacket. I ran a nice route that had hills but was usually flat. I think when I do my 7.5 next weekend I may do the same one and just add a mile. Oh I also had a personal best 10K time!

For this week I plan to do some more yoga and make sure I'm prepped for my long run. Next Sunday I also think I'm tossing a 5K in. Mainly to confirm with myself that I still have my time and it's also by the bars!

What are your training plans this week?

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  1. I wanted to run that race in DC, but I had already signed up for my Country Music Race in Nashville the same day!!! I need to get back into training soon, since I was sick this past week I haven't had the energy!

    1. Can we switch? Running + country music = life complete!