Sunday, March 24, 2013

Training Week 10?

I think we're up to week 10. Who's keeping track right? This week was pretty much a bust except for a nice shakeout run on Tuesday. I'm really going to take the next 4 weeks and make sure I get workouts in that are going to get me through the race. Even though I say my only goal is to finish, let's get real-I'm a super competitive person. So I'm hoping for a sub 2:30:00 time.In my personal opinion, I think it's doable. 

I just wrote on one of Jen's posts that I was skipping strength training as well as abs and that needs to change. My friend just signed us up for an intense mud run in June so I need those arms to be nice and strong!

Oh by the way, this is what I'm staring at as I write this post :p

Sunday: Instead of a rest day I did the St. Patty's Day 5K near my house. It was soo cold but I had a nice PR, because I just needed to finish!

Monday: Definitely time for a rest.

Tuesday: I wanted to get a little shakeout run in on the treadmill. Since it was also Pretty Little Liars night I used my Optimum app and ran a solid 3 miles while watching the season finally. This was one of those nights where I'm so glad I have a home treadmill as I was smiling like an idiot while watching the show.

Wednesday: Ummm....I was tired?

Thursday: With a long long commute each day and being in the office I need some human interaction with friends. Me and my friend Lauren decided to go for drinks which was A OK with me. 

Friday: I had to drive my butt to Montauk after I got off the train. Me and my friend had the most amazing dinner at The Harvest. Why did we not know about that place for the past 3 years?

Saturday: 8.5 miles of pure hell. Some of you know how much I LOVE Montauk and I run out here every chance I get. Factor in a long run and this may be the first time I've wanted to run all the way home. Although  many of you don't like to run in the wind, including me, it was needed because I was a little over dressed and sweating to death. I conquered the shit out of the hills and wind though. I was a bit slow because I wanted to try and keep pace. Obviously the only bonus to this was the amazing scenery. Yes it was hell, but I'd do it again.

It's getting time to crackdown. Next week is a 10 miler!

What did you conquer this weekend?



  1. You can make it! So excited for our DC trip!

  2. I was able to get in an 8 mile run, but my knee keeps acting up on me so I'm taking a couple of days off.

    1. 8 is a nice distance- I'm going for 10 tomorrow, a little nervous!