Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Get What You Pay For

The title of this is exactly how I felt after testing out a new yoga studio last night. As you may know, I'm currently looking a new job and am unemployed. To save some dollars yet get back into the game of yoga and spin, I decided to test out some local studios (ie. close to my house, not on the East End). Since I had to test out my new eQua Manduka towel I wanted to do a hot class. I pinpointed a hot Vinyasa class at Sayille Hot Yoga and gave it a whirlwind. 

[Yoga getup includes pierces from Nike and Lululemon]
Now, let's get real for a moment, how much can you expect out of a class that only costs $12? Although my Montauk studio was pay what you can, it was amazing and the instructor trained with some of the best. The Sayville studio did not take credit cards and no one showed me around or offered me water. I did love the layout though. After you walk through the lobby, there is a set of changing rooms along with bathrooms. Then to the right is the yoga studio. After I signed in and filled out my forms I proceeded to the cubbys to place my things in (and take some pictures). After I was all set, I headed into the studio which was already heated and cozy. 


As I do before Bikram, I stretched out and did some down dogs. Lara came in shortly after to begin class. I suppose I could call myself lucky being able to have practiced with such amazing instructors previously. The class did not flow well, which kind of shocked me because it was a Vinyasa class. And there were way too many inversions. For someone who doesn't participate in this part of the class, I found myself in child's pose a bit too often. 


I really never thought I would miss someone calling me doll face during a yoga session, but I do! Since I'm on a budget SLT will be a once a month treat for sure, but I need it back. I may return to Sayville Hot Yoga as it is only $12 and I need some cross training in my life. 


As for my eQua Manduka Towel, it was amazing! It's my first grip accessory and it soaked up all the sweat from the power class (sorry to gross you out!). I didn't slip once and it actually helped me stay in most of the poses. It fit well over my whole yoga mat which was great. It's really thin and not bulky. Oh and for all of you going green? It's eco-friendly. Look out Friday, March 8 for a giveaway!



  1. My dad is a yoga teacher and really dislikes doing inversions unless it's a very small class where he can really monitor the students since they can be pretty dangerous and many people can't do them. I always get annoyed when they're a large part of a class and not just optional!

    1. She wasn't even monitoring anyone, she was flipping around herself! I was really disappointed. I never do them even when I practically had one on one help (it was only me and my friend in class!).

  2. Yup! Whatever makes you have that’s what matters most.