Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I came, I saw,I conquered, I went missing for 2 hours

I know this is about 3 days late but hey, I'm a tired girl. As you read this I'm probably doped up recovering from my surgery. DC was a blast. I still can't express how grateful I am that Jen talked me into signing up for this half. It was an amazing experience, and yes, I've caught the fever. I'm ready to do it again (in like 6 months lol).

Where do I begin! The trip down was a lot of fun. We brought Julianne with us and arrived around 2. Me and Jen headed straight to the expo to grab our bibs and race gear. Holy long lines!

[You can't even see the tent!]

Although getting to the clerks to get our swag bags and bibs took 5 minutes, the line was backed up pretty far down just to get to the tent. Then comes the expotique. I rarely pull the "I'm so girly" card so I was a bit unimpressed with the hair and makeup stations. I LOVE Bare Minerals, just not at a pre-race event. Also, where were the lights? I'm pretty sure Nike can afford electricity. I thought the interactive "see if you won" thing was cool even though I got nada!

Overall the expo sucked in my personal opinion and that was not the venue for it. Oh, the official race shirts and such were not even there. We had to actually go to the Nike store up the road.

After this adventure we went to find our names in the Nike wall in Georgetown which was pretty cool. Unless I win the lotto that's never happening again. More carbs for lunch at this yummy pizza place that I forgot the name of! We got ready to head to our hotel, stopped at Nike on the way to the car so I could grab a shirt and head off.

Obviously the first thing to do when you get to a hotel with beds that feel like pillows is to take a nap! And then go for a shakeout run. And boy do I have a great friend. After reminding her for the millionth time I had never been to DC she ran me to a garden to which I replied "oh this is cute." I was told it was more than cute and ta-da I got to see the White House. Of course this had to be the day when I wore my Kiss My Sass shirt. Sorry Obama!

We took it easy in the evening- a light dinner, a shower, some foam rolling and apparently no sleep. I did not sleep well at all which is sad because I really liked the bed. 4:45 AM rolls around pretty quickly in case anyone was wondering. By 6 AM we were out the door and I learned how to use the DC metro (I don't like it).

Made it to the race! I ran to bag check then I tried to get to my corral and ended up having to jump the fence. Really Nike? And I was in the back of my pace group and needed to be in the front. They pumped us up with some fab music and we were off. However they must have not gotten the memo about staggering the corrals in the start. Why are you walking, we haven't even gotten to mile .25? I ended up hopping on the side of the tunnel and grass for the better part of 3 miles since I could not escape walkers and slower runners. A little disappointing as I wasted a lot of energy.

Oh hey IT Band and only mile 5! Luckily I ignored the pain for a bit. The course was beautiful and there were spectators everywhere with signs, making it easy for me to focus on them instead. It was also VERY hot. I kind of ruined my goal of no walking around mile 9.5 because I was soo thirsty and dehydrated (even after the cliff chews and nuun) and I wanted to save my knee for the finish line. So I ended up run/walking the last 3.5 which sucked, but I got to run across that finish line!

Oh and FYI Nike, i am insanely disappointed about the no photographer thing. That is the first and last time I will cross a finish line with a huge smile on my face, and you missed it.

The finishers area was very crowded and I wish they gave us bags before food. I was already carrying my necklace, a water bottle and stuff from my belt, where was I supposed to fit food? I skipped the expo and went to stretch. And then realized my phone was broken.

So here I am, little Lynette in the middle of DC surrounded by over 15,000 people, no idea what my hotel is called or how to get to a metro with no phone to find Jen. So I wandered and tried to find her. I went to the Nuun booth, the stretching tent, the bag check, the bathroom area, anywhere. Then I gave up. I used 2 different people's phones to call my sister and have her tweet that I was going to find my way back to the hotel. And luckily I did, but of course not before I went missing for two hours.

Jen was at the hotel and was (I think) happy to see I made it back. She also got me a cookie from Starbucks which was soo yummy. We got ourselves ready and headed to lunch to meet one of my twitter/PR friends, Kelly. It was great to finally put a face to a twitter handle!

Heading home was long and of course we hit traffic and I got lost going to the midtown tunnel, again. All in all it was a great weekend. Nike has some kinks to work out such as the expo, packet pick up, this girly thing they have going on (I'm super competitive, no need for makeup on a course), the corrals and finishers circle. I can confidently say this was great for my first half and I'm so excited to do it again. I'm also glad I got to spend time with a friend I don't get to see too often.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sneak Peek!

As you're reading this I am probably already halfway to DC with Jen and Julianne. I'm super excited to meet new runner friends and am really hoping my IT band holds out for me! The doctor says since I'm having surgery next week I can't drug myself so Zims and my band will have to do. 

I wanted to give you a little peek at the fun items I am reviewing for you! 

[Under Armour Headbands from Sports Authority]
[Organic India Tea Set]
[Good Earth Tea Sweetly Twisted and Cocoa Tango! Cocoa Tango]
[Blue Monkey Coconut Chips and Water]

Can't wait to share!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I need YOUR help!

If I listen to my body, it says I'm not running this weekend. But according to my friends I am. And if you know me, I'm not one for logical, normal, reasonable decisions. So since I will be racing 13 miles through DC, I need your help.

Music is what got me through all of my long training runs. It helps get get lost in my own little world and just go. This is where you come in. What are your favorite songs for a half marathon? Tell me in the comments or email me at LifesBetterInYogaPants@gmail.com and I will post what I use here!

I've been listening to the same playlist for almost 10 weeks now so get creative. I loveeee country music but always trusting what other runners say gets them through.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Officially Heading to DC!

Welp, me and Jen are meeting for an early (aka I need to leave my house at 5:45 AM to arrive at 8 AM) breakfast Monday to make travel plans for DC! I am officially headed to the Nike Women's Half. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm I'm running at this time :( 

Why? Because of the intense/nauseating/excruciating stomach pains I endured yesterday. If any runners have insight on this please please tell me either in the comments or a personal message at LifesBetterInYogaPants@gmail.com 

Timeline of events? Dinner of pasta and a glass of wine Friday night. Ibuprofen, 2 small sips of water and half of a Nature's Valley protein bar pre-run. Drove myself to the village and conquered 6 sub 9:45 miles! I was super proud of my time and that I managed to sprint practically the whole thing. I stretched on the sidewalk then walked into CVS and that's when everything fell apart. 

[I could barely stand up all day! (source)]
I  got the band-aids I was looking for then headed to the deli before I went back to my car to get coffee and an egg sandwich. I took about a sip a coffee because I just felt sooo ill. After arriving home, I decided to eat my food, which did not help at at all. I took a shower at about 1 PM and essentially spent the day in bed in excruciating pain. What gives runners? Anyone experienced this? If it's not my IT Band it's something else!

Finally got out of bed at 7 and had some coconut water to try and hydrate and soup and crackers. I heated up some cookies too because those are obviously a solid food :) 

Help me! Should I run next weekend? Do you think it was the medicine on an empty stomach? The hospital suggested I come in (not tell you why on my blog!) but stubborn little me did not go. 


Ps. I did run those 6 yesterday for Boston :) Next week is a race for me!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Three: Things I'm Grateful For

With the way this week started out I thought I might finish it with three thing I'm super grateful for. 

[Overcoming being hit by a car and tossed in the middle of oncoming traffic (source)]
[High school friends who I'm still close to]
[To live near a beach, because a beach makes everything OK]


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dog Attacks and Injuries

The past 10 days have been long and SO much has happened. I didn't write last week because I was swamped with work, was exhausted and was trying to train. I did go to yoga for the first time in a while because I just found out my sister bought my Christmas gift months ago and didn't tell me! SLT is also coming to the Hampton's this summer, that makes me so happy :) Anyway, last weekend started my streak of bad training runs. Before my IT Band started acting up, I got attacked by a dog! Almost twice, too. Luckily the cop let me jump into her car before the second one got too close. Unfortunately they refused to catch them and they ended up attacking a friends dog later in the afternoon.

Dog owners, please be more responsible. Animal control finally came and got them and I was so sad to learn they were a friend of mines'. After the dog situation I got on my way and discovered at mile 9.5 out of 11, my IT Band was killing me. I chose to stop and not injure it any further. I was pretty disappointed though. 

On Sunday me and my dad headed to the auto show in NYC at the Javits Center. Below are some of my favorite pictures. We went to The Heartland Brewery in Times Square and I have to say, I prefer the Union Square location. Either way it was a fun day!

During the week I actually got in a interval run and two yoga sessions- one at home and the other at SLT. It felt good to stretch my muscles out and relax. Work has been fun yet a little stressful so it was nice to have a stress reliever. 

Yesterday I went to Central Park to get my last long run in before DC. Unfortunately after mile 8 my IT Band became too much to bear and I had to stop. Another failed run is not getting me in the spirit for my first half. I'm going to take it easy the next two weeks and hopefully I'll be OK for race day. I've been looking to this race for so long it's going to be a shame if it goes bad. 

After my major fail of a run I headed downtown to the Metropolitan Pavilion to visit Jen at the Erica Sara Designs booth at the More/Fitness Half Expo. I actually ended up snagging a gift bag because they didn't have an empty bag to put the stuff I collected in. 


This week I'm going be reviewing some products so look out for those!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Obstacles, Obstacles and More Obstacles

No, I don't mean in my half-marathon training. I mean obstacles in Mud Man X and the Shape Diva Dash! Yup, I am finally signed up for not one but two obstacles/mud races. I've been dying to do one and luckily a best friend and a publicist made it happen.


My friend contacted me while I was in Montauk with a Groupon for the Mud Man X. I though why not? It was half off and I was looking to do one anyway. The Mud Man X is similar to the Warrior Dash. The obstacles are inspired by 4 primary elements; Earth, wind, fire and water. We are doing the non-competitive version (no timing) since she's not a runner and I just want to do it for fun. I have no upper body strength so this will be quite entertaining for those around us. The course can be anywhere between a 5K and 8K.

According to the website, this is the battle of mother nature. And if we conquer it? FREE BEER! :) and some other goodies. Check back after June 8 for a recap!

Shape Diva Dash
[Editorial note: I am being granted admission to the Shape Diva Dash in return for covering the event on Life's Better In Yoga Pants]

The Shape Diva Dash is a women's only 5K with with dozens of obstacles testing strength, agility and mentality. Yes it's a bit girly (no barbed wire or mud, boo) but like previously mentioned, anything that requires my arm strength is a comical act. 

I cannot wait to wear a fun outfit and conquer this race as well. Oh and it's sponsored by Luna and Oakley, how fab!

Interested in participating? Check out the cities where the race is coming to and use the code BLOG will get gals $10 off in all markets except  Boston. If you're looking to run Boston, it's just $5 off.

What obstacle races have you participated in? Did you love them?


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Three: My Weekend

Weekends are something most look forward to after a long work week. I'm only looking forward to Sunday.  You can probably guess why by the items below. Today's Thursday Three is three events/things I'm pretty pumped for this weekend.

[Pretty self explanatory lol. I'm going to see pretty cars! Source]
[Long run day! Tackling 11 miles on Saturday. Source]
Luke Bryan
[The ACM's are on Sunday night and this sexy man is hosting. Need I say more? Source]

What are your plans this weekend?


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick Dinner with Lots of Greens

When in doubt as to what to make for dinner, go for a quesadilla. They're easy and you can put whatever your little heart desires in them. I know I've been lacking food posts but rest assured they will be back shortly. I was home on Friday and by the time I was trying to figure out what dinner should be it got late. So I scavengered up whatever I could find. That happened to be chicken, broccoli, and spinach. Yum!

Lots of proteins and greens, a perfect dinner pre morning long run! I think quesadillas are pretty self explanatory so today's recipe will be in pictures. 

[Defrosting my broccoli in the sink]
[Cooking the chicken]

[I mixed sharp cheddar cheese with mozz]
[Chicken,cheese, broccoli and spinach]

What are your favorite add-ins for a quesadilla?


Monday, April 1, 2013

Training Week 12

I think I'm starting to make numbers up as to what week I'm up to but all that matters is that race day is in less than a month! I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm going to finish and within a reasonable amount of time. My biggest problem I've noticed is keeping a steady pace so I may use my Garmin to help me so I don't start out too fast or end too slow. I'd be happy with a steady pace and finishing under 2:30:00 (and finishing in general of course). The Tiffany's necklace will probably help me keep going, just as Starbucks did this past weekend. 

Here's what I did this week:

Sunday: Rest day! Super hungover from the Talkhouse the night before. I guess that's what happens when you drink vodka after a long run after only eating sushi and salad. Oops, lesson learned!

Monday: I don't remember which means I did not accomplish anything. So much for picking up my training right? 

Tuesday: One of my best high school friends came in to visit so I went out to Starbucks with her a got a yummy green tea and caught up on life, her wedding and boys.

Wednesday: Attempted 3 miles on the treadmill but only got in 2. My house has been wayyyy too hot lately to get in a nice treadmill run. I also thing since I was obsessed with it during the winter I'm starting to get cranky and bored. Thankfully spring running has arrived!

Thursday: I took a rest day since I found out we had a half day of working from home on Friday so I knew I'd get an afternoon run in outside.

Friday: I had intentions of doing 4 miles but ended up with 3.66. I underestimated the weather and didn't hydrate properly beforehand. It was hot and I was dying. But 3.6 is better than nothing!

Saturday: Long run day. Despite the lack of workouts and crappy ones during the week, the 10 miles went surprisingly well. I knew once I got down to Main Street I only had 7 miles left, less than what I did the week before. I was doing great until mile 9.5. So during next weekends' 11 miles I'm going to test out my Gu   to see if it helps. I pushed hard to finish the last .5. I'm hoping on the DC course there will be a treat between the 9th and 10th mile because I know I'll need it.

Looking forward to seeing what the last 3 weeks of training have in store for me. Maybe I'll make an appearance at Flywheel or SLT!