Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dog Attacks and Injuries

The past 10 days have been long and SO much has happened. I didn't write last week because I was swamped with work, was exhausted and was trying to train. I did go to yoga for the first time in a while because I just found out my sister bought my Christmas gift months ago and didn't tell me! SLT is also coming to the Hampton's this summer, that makes me so happy :) Anyway, last weekend started my streak of bad training runs. Before my IT Band started acting up, I got attacked by a dog! Almost twice, too. Luckily the cop let me jump into her car before the second one got too close. Unfortunately they refused to catch them and they ended up attacking a friends dog later in the afternoon.

Dog owners, please be more responsible. Animal control finally came and got them and I was so sad to learn they were a friend of mines'. After the dog situation I got on my way and discovered at mile 9.5 out of 11, my IT Band was killing me. I chose to stop and not injure it any further. I was pretty disappointed though. 

On Sunday me and my dad headed to the auto show in NYC at the Javits Center. Below are some of my favorite pictures. We went to The Heartland Brewery in Times Square and I have to say, I prefer the Union Square location. Either way it was a fun day!

During the week I actually got in a interval run and two yoga sessions- one at home and the other at SLT. It felt good to stretch my muscles out and relax. Work has been fun yet a little stressful so it was nice to have a stress reliever. 

Yesterday I went to Central Park to get my last long run in before DC. Unfortunately after mile 8 my IT Band became too much to bear and I had to stop. Another failed run is not getting me in the spirit for my first half. I'm going to take it easy the next two weeks and hopefully I'll be OK for race day. I've been looking to this race for so long it's going to be a shame if it goes bad. 

After my major fail of a run I headed downtown to the Metropolitan Pavilion to visit Jen at the Erica Sara Designs booth at the More/Fitness Half Expo. I actually ended up snagging a gift bag because they didn't have an empty bag to put the stuff I collected in. 


This week I'm going be reviewing some products so look out for those!


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  1. I'm having the same issues with my IT band and a half marathon in two weeks. Do LOTS of foam rolling and ibuprofen!!!