Friday, April 5, 2013

Obstacles, Obstacles and More Obstacles

No, I don't mean in my half-marathon training. I mean obstacles in Mud Man X and the Shape Diva Dash! Yup, I am finally signed up for not one but two obstacles/mud races. I've been dying to do one and luckily a best friend and a publicist made it happen.


My friend contacted me while I was in Montauk with a Groupon for the Mud Man X. I though why not? It was half off and I was looking to do one anyway. The Mud Man X is similar to the Warrior Dash. The obstacles are inspired by 4 primary elements; Earth, wind, fire and water. We are doing the non-competitive version (no timing) since she's not a runner and I just want to do it for fun. I have no upper body strength so this will be quite entertaining for those around us. The course can be anywhere between a 5K and 8K.

According to the website, this is the battle of mother nature. And if we conquer it? FREE BEER! :) and some other goodies. Check back after June 8 for a recap!

Shape Diva Dash
[Editorial note: I am being granted admission to the Shape Diva Dash in return for covering the event on Life's Better In Yoga Pants]

The Shape Diva Dash is a women's only 5K with with dozens of obstacles testing strength, agility and mentality. Yes it's a bit girly (no barbed wire or mud, boo) but like previously mentioned, anything that requires my arm strength is a comical act. 

I cannot wait to wear a fun outfit and conquer this race as well. Oh and it's sponsored by Luna and Oakley, how fab!

Interested in participating? Check out the cities where the race is coming to and use the code BLOG will get gals $10 off in all markets except  Boston. If you're looking to run Boston, it's just $5 off.

What obstacle races have you participated in? Did you love them?


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  1. I definitely want to check out that shape diva dash!! Especially because it doesn't involve mud, I've just never been into those mud runs!