Sunday, April 21, 2013

Officially Heading to DC!

Welp, me and Jen are meeting for an early (aka I need to leave my house at 5:45 AM to arrive at 8 AM) breakfast Monday to make travel plans for DC! I am officially headed to the Nike Women's Half. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm I'm running at this time :( 

Why? Because of the intense/nauseating/excruciating stomach pains I endured yesterday. If any runners have insight on this please please tell me either in the comments or a personal message at 

Timeline of events? Dinner of pasta and a glass of wine Friday night. Ibuprofen, 2 small sips of water and half of a Nature's Valley protein bar pre-run. Drove myself to the village and conquered 6 sub 9:45 miles! I was super proud of my time and that I managed to sprint practically the whole thing. I stretched on the sidewalk then walked into CVS and that's when everything fell apart. 

[I could barely stand up all day! (source)]
I  got the band-aids I was looking for then headed to the deli before I went back to my car to get coffee and an egg sandwich. I took about a sip a coffee because I just felt sooo ill. After arriving home, I decided to eat my food, which did not help at at all. I took a shower at about 1 PM and essentially spent the day in bed in excruciating pain. What gives runners? Anyone experienced this? If it's not my IT Band it's something else!

Finally got out of bed at 7 and had some coconut water to try and hydrate and soup and crackers. I heated up some cookies too because those are obviously a solid food :) 

Help me! Should I run next weekend? Do you think it was the medicine on an empty stomach? The hospital suggested I come in (not tell you why on my blog!) but stubborn little me did not go. 


Ps. I did run those 6 yesterday for Boston :) Next week is a race for me!