Monday, April 1, 2013

Training Week 12

I think I'm starting to make numbers up as to what week I'm up to but all that matters is that race day is in less than a month! I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm going to finish and within a reasonable amount of time. My biggest problem I've noticed is keeping a steady pace so I may use my Garmin to help me so I don't start out too fast or end too slow. I'd be happy with a steady pace and finishing under 2:30:00 (and finishing in general of course). The Tiffany's necklace will probably help me keep going, just as Starbucks did this past weekend. 

Here's what I did this week:

Sunday: Rest day! Super hungover from the Talkhouse the night before. I guess that's what happens when you drink vodka after a long run after only eating sushi and salad. Oops, lesson learned!

Monday: I don't remember which means I did not accomplish anything. So much for picking up my training right? 

Tuesday: One of my best high school friends came in to visit so I went out to Starbucks with her a got a yummy green tea and caught up on life, her wedding and boys.

Wednesday: Attempted 3 miles on the treadmill but only got in 2. My house has been wayyyy too hot lately to get in a nice treadmill run. I also thing since I was obsessed with it during the winter I'm starting to get cranky and bored. Thankfully spring running has arrived!

Thursday: I took a rest day since I found out we had a half day of working from home on Friday so I knew I'd get an afternoon run in outside.

Friday: I had intentions of doing 4 miles but ended up with 3.66. I underestimated the weather and didn't hydrate properly beforehand. It was hot and I was dying. But 3.6 is better than nothing!

Saturday: Long run day. Despite the lack of workouts and crappy ones during the week, the 10 miles went surprisingly well. I knew once I got down to Main Street I only had 7 miles left, less than what I did the week before. I was doing great until mile 9.5. So during next weekends' 11 miles I'm going to test out my Gu   to see if it helps. I pushed hard to finish the last .5. I'm hoping on the DC course there will be a treat between the 9th and 10th mile because I know I'll need it.

Looking forward to seeing what the last 3 weeks of training have in store for me. Maybe I'll make an appearance at Flywheel or SLT!


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