Sunday, May 19, 2013

Class Review: My First Time at Uplift Studios

I've actually known about Uplift for a long time. With intentions of trying out a class last year, I had created a username yet never actually made it there. I received an e-mail last week for a free class on my birthday however was out of town and asked to use it a different day and they said yes! So I signed up for Kat's 6:30 PM class for Friday after work.

I arrived about 7 minutes early and checked in. The girl at the desk was so nice. She pointed out where everything was and offered me water and a towel. I really like when they take the time to do that. I was the first one in my class who arrived so I got myself settled and headed into the group class room to meet Kat, the instructor. 

[The personal training area]

There were only four people in my class which was nice. Kat had so much energy even after she just taught for an hour, I loved it. She explained the structure of the class to me- cardio with intervals and arms- then we got started. A little warm up then the hard stuff.

There was a mix of jumping jacks, running in place, burpees, squat jumps, lunges, kicks and more. Each song was something different! What I really loved, which I told Kat at the end of class, was there was no pressure when I couldn't do something or stopped. She came over and tried to motivate me to keep going (which usually worked) but I didn't feel annoyed like I do at some other studios, I didn't mind it at all!

I pushed through the class even when I want to just drop dead on the floor. The last song we did a mix of everything we had done all night and then we stretched. That is the ONLY negative thing I have to say- a little more stretching is needed at the end. I stretched my legs out a little extra while everyone was getting ready to go.

Afterwards I filled my water bottle and got my things together and ended up having a nice talk with Kat. Oh, and they had trail mix. Clearly they knew the way to my heart. 

My overall thoughts? I will definitely be taking this class again. The studio was beautiful and clean, the staff was helpful and polite, they provided water, towels and anything else you may need. The class was 55 minutes and is totally worth it. 

Since I highly recommend this class, I wanted to share Kat's code for a free class with you. Use "UpliftKE" during checkout for a free class- it can be any of them! Remember to say I referred you because if 4 of you do- I get a free class!

Have you ever taken a class at Uplift? What did you think?



  1. YAY glad you tried out Uplift!! I love them SO much.

    1. It was awesome! I'm going back next week I think!