Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Weekend In Photos

Writing was not on my mind this past weekend as I had a very special wedding shower to attend then I ran (not literally) out to Montauk for the holiday weekend. Saturday was a high school friends wedding shower where we realized she is the first wedding and baby! I stated that I really thought I was in the running for being first for something (first last one to not have moved out yet?) but Meghan seems to have one. 

I could not be more happier for her and her little family. I've known her since I was in middle school and she definitely got a great guy. It was also fantastic seeing most of my high school friends. Thankfully social media has kept us in touch even if we hadn't really spoken in a while. It was like nothing changed!

After the shower I headed to Montauk with my sister. Although it was FREEZING we had a pretty great time. We ended spending Saturday night out until 4 AM, way past my bedtime. I met some new friends who I hope to hang out with the next time I go out. 

Here are some highlights:

Pre-party picture

Meghan's teapot cake!

Opening Gifts

Opening the gift I gave her

The hat!

Me and the glowing mom/bride to be!

The girls

High School BFFs (missing a few)

Tuna Tartar Tacos from the Gig Shack

Me and my sister

Balloons at Flywheel to kick off the weekend
Buffalo Blowfish Tails from the Chowder House

Best. Dinner. Ever.
Finally a beach day (where I got sunburn)!

How was your holiday weekend? Go anywhere fun?


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