Sunday, May 5, 2013

Staying Healthy Post-Surgery

[Edible Arrangements from my office!]
Not being able to work out or run is slowly killing me. I was looking forward to taking May to catch up on classes. I'm excited to go back to SLT and Flywheel and try out new studios like Uplift and Refine. However surgery = sidelined! I guess a little rest would do me good however with a birthday in less than a week, it's hard to stay healthy. 

[Cupcakes in a mason jar- not sure if this is considered healthy but it is considered yummy]
My meals are definitely going to all include spinach until I get the OK from the doctor to work out again. That's not an excuse to eat shitty but I mean, it's my birthday month, I've got friends to see :)

[Excited to wear these!]
What do you do when you get sidelined? Go-to meals? Do you get bored or anxious? I bought some new workout clothes I look forward to wearing!



  1. Get better soon!!! You;; be back on the road and running again in NO TIME!! :)

    1. Thanks! Heading out for a real but untimed run tomorrow :)