Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sweat Never Felt So Good

Yes, I am a slacker/lazy/unmotivated/what ever else you can think of as to why I'm lacking posts. Let's throw tired in there too.

I had a fabulous birthday thanks to my two best college friends. Super low key and I definitely needed a weekend away. 

Last night I was finally able to workout since getting the OK from the doctor on Monday- and it felt so good! Before you go thinking I did an actually workout I really only went on a 20 minute interval run on the treadmill at 8:45 PM. But hey, it was something. My neck and my IT Band felt fine. Although since I haven't run in two weeks I'm not surprised by leg felt fine. I've also emailed Finish Line PT and am actively going to try and fix this issue.

On Friday I'm taking my free birthday class at Uplift at 6:30. I am SO excited to finally get down there and I hope it's as great as everyone says. Obviously I will be putting a review up :)


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