Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some Fall Races and Goals

I have been stressing over picking the perfect half for the fall. Since Jen is already running Chicago I couldn't beg her to run something with me. I wanted to do Rock N Roll Vegas but since I am serious about saving money to move I decided it was an unnecessary expense. Although I am considering Nashville for the spring (the country girl in me won't let that one go so easily). 

[RnR Brooklyn 2012]
But let's stay in 2013 for now. For the fall I decided to sign up for the Divas Half Marathon. A major factor was that it is so close to home. I have a friend who ran last year and said she had a blast. It does look a bit girly for me with the tiaras and boas but I suppose I can look beyond that. Because in reality it looks like a lot of fun. My friend said the course is flat and lined with entertainment. I also found out a new friend, Bernadette, is running too.

Goals: Under 2:20:00
Time Goal: 2:17:00
Reach Goal: 2:15:00

[RUN10FEED10 2012]
I'm also setting out to conquer the RUN10FEED10 race again. About 2 weeks before the half I will be running the West Side Highway hopefully on my way to a shiny new 10K PR. But before that I will be hosting a virtual 5K to raise the required amount of money to help provide at least 10 children in my hometown/the US a meal. Look out for announcements in the near future!

Goal: Under 1:00:00
Time Goal: 57:30:00
Reach Goal: 56:00:00

Lastly, given that the Fitness Mind Body and Spirit games will be the same weekend as 2012 (weekend before FEED), I will be running 4 miles through Central Park. I really enjoyed this race last year although I wish the festival lasted longer and the lines didn't get closed. 

Goal: Under 40:00
Time Goal: 38:00
Reach Goal: 36:00

Now, who has some recommendations for races that are not in September? Need to fill the rest of my schedule!



  1. i vote for a race in Nashville! Only bc I did one this year and even though it was torrential downpours the entire time, it was still fun! :)

    1. I know, I read your re-cap :p Ps. 16 Handles?!?!?

  2. There are some cool 10Ks and 10 milers in Brooklyn! If you check out Social Pace, they list a ton of races and events for the city. I found a few races I'm interested in there and you can friend me so we can check out each other's race calendar :) I'm trying to get my friends on it so we can coordinate race schedules!

    1. I added you! I'll have to check them out. I'm getting super serious about saving money right now but deff want to coordinate so we can see each other more often until I move!