Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wanderlust Yoga In the City

Last weekend (2 weekends ago, I wrote this last week) I was invited to Wanderlust's Yoga In the City event in Hudson River Park by Sweetriot chocolate. Although I had run a mud run the day before (recap to come) I was still pumped up to go and I am so glad I did!

When I get there I checked in at the press tent and walked around the festival before the first class at 1:30 PM. Some of the major sponsors include Health, Avocados Mexico, Lyfe Kitchen, Luna, and Resource Water. Each had booths set up with samples available. I will review sponsors in an upcoming post since there were so many yummy things!


I wanted to take the first class so I headed to the field area in front of the stage area. Kristin McGee came up to kick-off the day and looked adorable with her baby bump. First up was Twee Merrigan of Prana Flow. She also was sporting a baby bump (adding to the baby fever I've had for years). Her series was basic Vinyasa. Lots of sun salutations, down dogs and variations. 

[The lovely and very pregnant Kristin McGee]
To close up the class was Kelly Morris of Conquering Lion Yoga. She is hysterical. She also brought to our attention that us New Yorker's tend to just think of ourselves all the time, and also shop. For her portion, we had to connect with our neighbors and dedicate our practice to them. Me and my neighbor giggled and I told him my biggest problem of the day was it was hot. He didn't tell me anything. We proceeded with our  practice and I did some crow poses although my arms were SO sore from the race. What I really loved was how vulgar she was during class. How often do you find a yoga instructor like that?

After her class finished I went back over to the sponsors then back to the field. The Acroyoga group was walking through the audience and I stopped them at the end to grab a picture. They were on stage earlier too and I cannot image the stamina and strength it takes to perform those moves. It was incredible. 

I watched most of the second class then joined in at the end when it was time to stretch. My body really needed that.

Something that was consistent with each instructor was paying attention to your breath. It was amazing to sample each style of teaching and what each instructor favors. I am so grateful to have been able to practice with such amazing yogis. If you have a chance to go to Yoga in the City in your state I highly recommend it. 

Please look out for another post this week or next highlighting the amazing sponsors!

Did you attend the Wanderlust festival? What did you think?



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