Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yay For New Headbands!

Last month the Sports Authority sent me some snazzy headbands from Under Armour. I sort of lack photos of them being cute in the package but I have some of them on my head.

I got two different sets- 1 pack was patterned and the other braided. I have to admit, although I like both, the braided ones are my favorite. 

The first time I wore one was for a shake out run when I was in DC. I wore the pink patterned one. It stayed on my head great and kept the hair out of my face. And it sort of went with my outfit.

A couple of days ago I wore the black braided one for the #WeRunNYC run. Actually, I took it off beforehand because it was bothering the clips in my hair but that is besides the fact. It looked great in my hair and kept all my little flyaway's nice and secure. 

What I really loved was the elasticity. Most running headbands I have slide off halfway into my run but both of these Under Armour headbands from Sports Authority stayed in place which was reassuring. I look forward to wearing one this weekend during my mud run!

What headbands do you wear when running? Have you ever used Under Armour's?



  1. Cute!!! I use UA headbands too, I love their earwarmers especially for winter. I've had mine for YEARS. I've been meaning to try Sparkly Soul though, heard those are ah-mazing!

    1. Thanks! They started following me on Twitter the other day- I've been meaning to try those as well. I have 2 ear warmers for winter already!