Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clipper Classic Race Recap

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Last weekend my sister and I ran a race in our hometown. My plan: kick-off half marathon training with an easy 5K at a 9:30 pace. What really happened was not that. 

We got there early to get our bibs and warm-up. It was necessary since they close all of the major roads to get into town. After running into some of my sisters friends we went on a light jog to the starting line to meet up with more people.

[Pre-race hydration]
At about 5:15 the kids 1 mile fun run started. The kids always look so cute sprinting down the street!

The rest of us lined up after and I ended up starting with my sister and her fast friends. What a mistake! I asked her to at least go in front of me and she did not so when the gun went off I had to start out in a full on sprint! 

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I had my watch pace on 9:15 but for the first mile I did not look down and come to find out when it beeped for the 1 mile mark I was running an 8 min pace. Now I am proud that I was able to do that but I was really trying to pace myself for this race.

One of the things I love about the Clipper Classic is how everyone gets involved. There were so many sprinklers and hoses to run through thanks to the families. That is definitely what got me through the race. At mile 1.5 I took a few sips of water and kept going. 

Once we got back to the main road it was the final stretch. The fire truck had their big sprinkler thing going and I sprinted down the road. Unfortunately the finish line was super small and there was a slower woman in front of me not sprinting to the finish line so I had to slow down a bit. My official time was 28:03 which I think is pretty damn good for the heat and humidity we had. 


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