Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Half Marathon Training Round 2

[Love me some beer! Photo credit]
As of the Clipper Classic this cycle of half marathon training has begun! Since I still have not moved my butt into the city I am still dealing with time restrictions and being constantly tired, my plan will change each week. However, long runs are obviously reserved for the weekends.

Here's my recap for the past week:

Sunday: Bellport Clipper Classic 5K. Fast and hard 3.1 in about 28 minutes. My legs were really tight afterwards so I jumped into bed right after. 

Monday: Yoga Flow at SLT. This class felt amazing after the 5K. It stretched my whole body out and my legs felt amazing afterwards. It also worked my arms a lot which is something I want would like to focus on more.

Tuesday:  REST! I needed to rest my poor sore body. And I do believe I got home from work late this night. In case anyone is wondering, my career comes first beyond training. 

Wednesday: Treadmill workout. I had planned for an easy 3 outdoors but ended up on a late train and modified it to 15 minutes at speed 6 on the treadmill. I didn't have to stop or slow down so I felt pretty accomplished. I also did a nice abs series with my sister. 

Thursday: Today's workout was speed work: See how fast I could inhale the fro-yo I waited a whole entire week for. 

Friday: Rest. My college friend from upstate came to visit so we had a few beers and made a healthy dinner on the grill before hitting the beach on Saturday. However, it was moving day at the office and let me tell you- what an arm workout!! So I think that can count as half. 

Saturday: 4 sweaty miles. My plan was run miles 1 and 3 at half marathon pace and 2 and 4 at 5K pace. Due to a late start (I thought I would be OK with a 5 AM wake up time and 6 leave time) the heat was becoming unbearable and it was just a nice slow "long" run. I did buy a handheld water bottle this past weekend to hopefully it will prove useful on future long runs. 

[View from our dinner]
Sunday: Rest hehe. I know lots of rest days but I'd rather rest up and be ready for work. 

Plans for this week:
Yoga, 2 runs during the week, home yoga and a 5 mile weekend long run. 

Are you training for anything? How's it going?


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