Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Work Clothes

[Love this dress from Loft with white wedges]
There is no argument or question that is has been hot, hot, hot lately. Most of us having been spending our days in an office meaning we still need to get dressed in the morning. As a commuter, I have witnessed the most ridiculous outfits over the past few weeks.  

Ladies (and gentlemen) please remember you are still going to WORK! Of course I wish I could head out each day in my workout clothes however I know how inappropriate that would be. So I'm going offer my own advice for those heading to the office during the summer.

Negative on the jean shorts. Save them for the beach or a day out with friends. If you have to wear shorts consider dressier and longer versions. The Limited has a nice collection of different colors and lengths. 

Do wear a spaghetti strap dress with a cardigan. The dress with keep you cool and the cover up will make it office appropriate. 

[I wore this last week with a white cardigan and white wedges. Simple B&W outfit]
Make sure your dress is long enough. If you are unsure, it's probably too short. 

Consider wearing light blouses. Most of them are light enough to walk to the office yet heavy enough so you don't freeze in the air conditioning. 

[Messy room but dress pants, a light blouse and flats. Comfy and cool]
Dress pants are more comfortable than jeans. I wore jean capris the other day which was a big mistake. I was hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Dress bottoms are easier to move in.

Flip flops are never appropriate. When I worked in retail our rule was if it didn't have a strap around the back of your foot you could not wear them. Consider sandals or wedges.

[Toms wedges]
What do you wear to work in the heat? Any other tips?


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