Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday More Than Three

I've been meaning to post this for a while but just go around to doing it this past Sunday. For today's Thursday Three I'm giving you more than three things but I thought this would be fun! This was sent to me from Sara Stone who is one of my Sweat Pink sisters. 

1.  What did you eat for breakfast?

Since I wrote this Sunday I can assume I ate some sort of eggs for breakfast as usual.

2.  How much water do you drink a day?

Almost 3 or 4 water bottles

3.  What is your current favorite workout?

Obviously running but yoga and spin are not far behind

4.  How many calories do you eat a day?

Not a clue and I don't particularly want to know. That is not how I live. 

5.  What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Hummus, bananas, grapes, anything Kashi, watermelon.

6.  What do you usually eat for lunch?

Normally I bring a sandwich and chips to the office with me.

7.  What is your favorite body part to strength train?

Legs of course. 

8.  What is your least favorite body part to strength train?

I hate doing arms!

9. What are your “bad” food cravings?

Skip. I eat what I want! I love crunchy things and chips are a staple for me.

10. Do you take vitamins or supplements?

I take a multivitamin each day. 

11. How often do you eat out?

Very very rarely due to my strict budget. 

12. Do you eat fast food?

On occasion. 

13. Who is your biggest supporter?

My friends and sister.

14. Do you have a gym membership?

Nope. I haven't had one in 3 years.

15. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Less than 6.5. Wish I could get more!

16. Do you have a “cheat” day? 

Once again, I eat what I want!!!

17. Do you drink alcohol?

Of course. And I haven't lost my beer pong skills :p

18. Do you have a workout buddy?

Nope. I make plans but no set buddy each day. 

19. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle?

I feel great and have had a boost in confidence. 

20. What was the last healthy thing you did?

Welp my guess is yoga but who know since I wrote this 4 days ago!

21.  What are your favorite shoes to work out in?

Right now I only have a pair of Asics

22.  Photo of your favorite workout outfit?

Not my favorite but I love this shirt!

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