Sunday, September 1, 2013

It Only Takes...

For the past 9 days I have been dog sitting the cutie below on the Upper East Side and since I'm used to commuting for at least 4 hours a day I found myself with a little bit too much time. Which I in return used to think. What a terrible idea!

I've come to the conclusion, after spending my Friday night bar hopping with 40-year-old men (I befriend people on the street too easily), that it really only takes 1 person to influence my mind (or yours). 

[This is actually where I ate dinner, pre meeting the 40 year old man]
All it took was this stranger to remind me how great I really am (and that I haven't been on a date in long time but that's a story I'd love to tell you over drinks) and that I'm still spontaneous and cute. Although no matter how many times you ask me why I don't have a boyfriend or am not dating I will never have an answer. Joe, I think that was his name, had me completely convinced by the end of the night before I walked home that anyone would be lucky to have me. 

[Watermelon margarita from dinner]
My sister reminded me that several shitty training runs are not going to destroy by 10K or half marathon PR's. I still beg to differ. She's apparently psychic too because she told me they were probably bad because I was tired and it has been hot in the city (she's in Cortland). I may or may not believe her. But next weekend this theory will be put to the test after I get home tomorrow and get some serious sleep!

Scooter is the cutie above and below who has been my hot date for the past week. I have NEVER had someone so excited to see me when I get home from work at night. With that said, I will also NEVER be getting a pet. I loved taking care of Scoots but puppies are a lot of work. More so the walking them part. I will be glad to watch your pets while you are on vacation though. 

Last weekend I also got to relive a little bit of my party girl lifestyle. If I said I didn't have a blast I'd be completely lying. Getting out of the house, drinking and dancing is healthy for you. Trust me. Sometimes you need to go out with friends and not give a shit about anything and go for what you want. Even when you get shut down. Also, just because I am a country girl does not mean I forgot how to dance ;)

The point of this post? That all it took was 1 person in different aspects of my life to influence what I thought of myself, which is not necessarily a good thing. But you do truly learn something from everyone you meet, whether it's positive or negative. Take away from this week? I'm a pretty great girl to have around, 2 bad runs will not destroy a race that is still 5 weeks away and I still have baby fever but never want a dog. 


Ps. I know lots of random pictures in this one

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