Monday, September 16, 2013

Training is Essentially Over!

Since I have a 10K next weekend that I have high hopes for PR'ing in, I did my last long run before my half on October 6 yesterday. This training cycle was a bit more successful than when I was training for DC. No IT band problems (I even forgot to wear my band for yesterdays 10-miler and was fine!), no severe stomach pains from taking pain killers before a run and lots of new fueling ideas.

If you didn't know, I've also spend the past week super sick. The doctors never know what's wrong so I've been trying to fight it off on my own. Coming off of an amazing 9.5 miles last week, I was pretty bummed at how this weekend might turn out. I was pleasantly surprised!

On Thursday I got some sprints done on the treadmill and on Saturday I did some of my runners boot camp to try and keep up with training even though breathing was just not happening. I had planned on getting the 10 miles in on Satuday before I went to breakfast but due to no sleep I postponed until Sunday.. 

I woke up and fueled as usual and decided to go at a slow pace. I got a few miles done in my neighborhood before heading out on the main road. I felt pretty good and was keeping a sub-10 pace. And my nose cleared up so I was breathing easy!

Mile 6 was just over 10 minutes mainly because I didn't realize I was already there. I finished up a little before my destination and walked up to where I was going to stretch and wait for my ride. As soon as I stopped though, my nose was stuffed and I could barely breath again. 

Afterwards I rewarded myself with an egg sandwich and my first pair of compression socks! My legs felt a bit tight after so I was hoping they would aid in recovery. 

Now I'm getting ready for the RUN10FEED10 race next weekend and hoping to have speedy legs!

Do you run when your sick? What do you use compression socks for?


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