Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RUN10FEED10 Race Recap!

Yes, I ran this race literally 1 month ago and never did the recap. You could call it lazy or busy or whatever other describing words fit those categories. But better late than never right? 

As you probably already knew, this was a goal race and I met my goal. Early next week I will post a fall goal recap. On the Friday before the race, I went to City Sports in Midtown to pick up my race packet. I met a friend there too since we were going to dinner and drinks afterwards. Pick-up was easy as usual, grab your bib at one table and your limited edition FEED bag filled with goodies at another. I have to say, last years swag was a bit better than this years. 

After making sure I had everything I needed, I headed downstairs to meet my friend, and apparently buy very expensive sneakers. Can you really go wrong with black and hot pick Asics with reflectors for night running? The answer is no. 

Unrelated to this race at all, on our way to Bryant Park there was a hoedown on the big field and it was heaven. NOT a preview of hell as the person I was with suggested. Country > rock, sorry dude!

Saturday I took it easy and went to bed early because I had a 4 AM wake up call. After a quick drive into the city, I arrived super early (it was pitch black for the next 45 minutes and all the workers kept staring at me), and sat down and took it easy. At about 6:15 AM I started getting myself together. I wore my watch, arm band and belt. Bag check went super quick. I was ALLOWED to check my backpack which makes me happier than most. Thanks FEED and NYC for not being crazy pants. 

I joined in on the pre-race stretching/yoga that took place at the starting area. About 10 minutes after 7 AM, which was supposed to be the start time, Naya Rivera from Glee finally took the stage and sent us on our way. 

The first mile I went out way too fast (I'm pretty sure it was a sub-9) and decided I need to slow it down a bit. I knew if I ran a 9:30 pace I would have my PR and not be burnt out. Well guess what? My body refused to slow down that much.

The 2nd and 3rd miles felt eh. I knew I wanted to slow down but I was keeping pace with everyone else so I figured I could just keep going. Before I had crossed the start line I had plans to run smart and negative split, run the first 5K slower than the second. I kept the speedier pace at the turnaround and decided to just go. Only a 5K left right?

I felt really comfortable even thought I was breathing a bit heavy from pushing my pace. And then I may or may not have yelled/cursed at a cop. In my opinion, stopping runners to let a garbage truck pass is NOT OK. You knew there was an event. With a goal in mind, I might have been a little meaner than I meant to be. But honestly, everyone started crashing into me and it was an unnecessary interference. It also happened again about 1 minute later for a car, seriously? 

I made up for the lost time and sprinted my butt to the finish line for an official time of 57:19 and a pace of 9:14. Afterwards, I tried to get my bag but the line was too long to I walked around the VERY crowded festival. Last year it was a bit easier to maneuver. I did get on the stretching line which only had 3 people ahead of me. 

Eventually I grabbed by bag and got some snacks. My friend Jaclyn was coming in to meet me for brunch so as I waited for her, I stood on the insanely long sock line. You never have enough socks. 

To celebrate my PR and have a serious chat session we headed to Southern Hospitality to eat delicious food with unlimited mimosas! 

Oh also, thank you to all of those who donated! I surpassed my goal and at least 14 families are being fed because of you.


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