Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's A Girl To Do

Being injured kinda, sorta blows. Especially when you're a runner with a foot injury. However, while I nurse this baby back to health, I've decided not to be completely lazy. Yes, Sunday I went for a little run. I think it was 2 miles. Since I felt OK, my plan is to limit "long runs" to 3 miles on the weekends. So what exactly do I think I'm going to do during the week?

For me personally, walking feels fine. So on the treadmill, I started walking at an 8% incline at 3.4 last week and have gradually increased to 3.8, pending any foot pain. My treadmill has a program that automatically puts sprints into a walk so depending on how I feel, I want to start incorporating that back into my workouts. 

[I already know, terrible bind, but good balance!]
Yoga! I took an Indo Board Yoga class last week (look out for the recap) and I felt pretty good, even when trying to balance. As I've mentioned so many times before, Hilaria Baldwin's 20 minute Yoga With A View sessions are a godsend for those pressed for time. Yoga in my living room after a long day? Can't say no to that!

Strength training is something I do not enjoy. But have been doing it anyway. I've been incorporating leg lifts, squats, arms and abs into my regimen. I'm hoping that by doing this, when I'm 100% ready to run again I'm not dragging ass like last June. 

[On my way to a very slow run]
I know many of you suggested swimming for me, however I don't have a gym membership nor a gym near my job/house that has a pool! Additionally, I tried swimming a few years ago and got insanely bored.

What are your go-to workouts when injured? 


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