Sunday, November 3, 2013

Because You Need To Laugh + Happy NYC Marathon Day!

Happy Marathon Day! I wish every single one of my runner friends speedy legs and lots of luck today. I will be watching you from the comfort of my bed. Everyone needs a laugh and I received this little gem from Asics that I can't not share.

Top Ten Things New Yorkers Think are Harder than Running a Marathon

1.       Running down the subway stairs and not breaking your neck to catch your train before the doors close

2.       Securing that must-have dinner reservation on a Saturday night, even if you called exactly one month prior to your reservation date

3.       Finding a legitimate yellow cab at 4pm or a cab in the rain

4.       Finding a no-fee apartment in your price range that will fit more than your mattress

5.       Breathing on the 4,5,6 train at 8:30am on a weekday

6.       Paying Time Warner Cable so you can “Enjoy Better”

7.       Not having your eye stabbed by an umbrella on a rainy day

8.       Not coming to work drenched in sweat in the heat of summer

9.       Walking out your door and not spending at least $20

10.   Finding an uninhabited park bench that is not covered in pigeon droppings

Runners, when you get out on the road today remember to soak it all in and do the best that YOU can do. If you believe you can do it, you can. BEST OF LUCK! <3


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