Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sneak Peek at Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights

Last weekend I was invited to a master class at Xtend Barre's newest studio in Brooklyn Heights led by founder Andrea Rogers. I have been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to take a barre class for a long time. When I got the e-mail, it solidified my decision- I'm taking a class. I was a bit nervous beforehand and connected with a few Twitter friends who warned me I would be a little shaky and sore afterwards. Nothing I felt I couldn't handle!

I headed out to the studio early last Saturday and stopped by a farmers market to pass time and look around. When I got to the studio everyone was so warm and inviting. I chatted with the PR girls who rep Xtend Barre and got to connect with a few editors I message with at work. They provided us with sticky socks so we don't slip during class along with a swag bag.

At about 9:30 AM we headed into the studio. There is something about a new dance or workout studio that is just so amazing. There were little stations set up for each person. I picked one and talked with some of the other girls until we started. Andrea came in and introduced herself and told us a little about her background. She is a former professional dancer! 

We started the class with a warm-up without any equipment or the bar. She started with basic plies and then added on to form a series. Andrea was very encouraging throughout the whole class and demonstrated every move. The first time on the mat we did some arm work (including some push-ups and tricep dips!). 

On the barre is where you really feel the burn in your glutes. Andrea started us off with basic first and second position plies and from there added on leg lifts. We also did some attitude lifts- one of my favorites when I was baton twirling. One thing I certainly don't miss from twirling was being on my toes but it felt oh so good. There were squats, plies and lunges all done on our toes to work that butt!

At our station were also resistance bands that we used in a moving series across the room. Mine kept moving around so I'm not quite sure how well it worked. The class ended with a serious ab series! We used a small, light medicine ball between our knees for a few moves- once again mine kept moving. Me and props were just not meant to be. 

After the class I actually got some one on one time with Andrea. We talked about how I used to be a twirler, and every time we hear music we picture a routine. She also suggested that the next time she comes back to New York we do something special for my blog. 

The Xtend Barre class was challenging in a positive way. You DO NOT need to be a dancer to take a barre class. I felt like every muscle was utilized and I got a sufficient workout. I felt very toned afterwards and I think it would be a great addition to my workout routine. 

I highly recommend checking out the Brooklyn Heights studio when it opens. When I get official dates and prices I will update this post for you all. 

Have you ever taken a barre class? What did you think?


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