Monday, December 9, 2013

Workout and Week Recap!

The last few weeks have been quite hectic! From apartment hunting, seeing friends, working out and actually working, writing was a little far from my mind. However I do have a few recaps I'm going to put into one post. 

[Happy Thanksgiving!]
I signed up for a last minute Turkey Trot during the week of Thanksgiving. More specifically the night before. I also then made the decision to go out with my high school friends and ended up getting a maximum of 2 hours of sleep beforehand. But I had a blast so who cares. Although, I have never felt more unprepared for a race than I did at 8:30 AM on Thanksgiving. I wore my new Gap Fit leggings that had an attached skirt, a tank top with my purple Gap Fit jacket, a headband to keep my ears warm and my Garmin. Instead of bringing my iPod (who knows where that was) I used my phones IHeartRadio app. I seriously considered getting back in the car and going back to bed. But I signed up soo I had to do it. It certainly was not as bad as I envisioned. 

This race was my first 5K 2 years ago. It was fast and flat and I trotted along, just as I had planned. Although I did get an isolated cramp in my side I had to stop and stretch during the last .25. I still finished in under 30 minutes so I was happy. 

[Post Turkey Trot and 2 hours of sleep]
At run club on Wednesday we did things a little different. Lululemon and company hosted a "Leftover Special" where Nicole (I think that's her name) from a NYC based FitnessRuns hosted a running and strength workout. We also received complimentary long sleeved Swiftly tees. The instructor took us through the lower loop of Central Park where we stopped every few minutes for strength. We started by stretching out our hamstring, doing butt kicks, knee hugs and lunges. Incorporated in the run was push-ups, tricep dips, jump squats and jump lunges. It was a fantastic workout. Many runners neglect strength (including me) but it is so imperative to prevent injuries.

On Saturday I headed into the city for a Refine Method class. Abby hosted it as part of a research project. Our donation went towards figuring out how to heal all of our weird ass injuries! This is the second Refine class I've taken and it definitely kicked my butt. For someone who rarely works her arms, this class makes me regret neglecting them. Lonnie was great and was encouraging throughout the whole class. We did several circuits along with a warm up and cool down. It was such a treat to workout with with such fabulous women.

[Saturday Sweat Sesh Outfit]
The next 2 weeks are going to be filled with packing, seeing friends who are coming home for the holidays and working but I hope to get some decent workouts in. 

How do you stay fit when you're busy?


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