Friday, January 10, 2014

Classtivity Passport Class 1: Pedal NYC 45-Minute Spin

On Wednesday I took the first class using my Classtivity Passport. That activated my account, meaning I have 30 days from then to use my 10 classes. I don't believe that should be a problem! I needed some cardio in my life so I chose a Pedal NYC spin class. 

I headed down to the studio on West End, just over from Lincoln Center after work. The walk was brutal (this would be polarvortex day) and I was really happy to walk through the front door once I arrived. But there heat was broken! But don't worry, I won't hold it against them. When I walked in the receptionist was very cheery and signed me in. She gave me a waiver to sign since I signed up through Classtivity and the computer indicated it was my first time at the studio. Additionally she handed a piece of paper with my name that went into a raffle of my choice. Options were a free class, one on one personal training, a sweat party with 20 people or a free t-shirt. I put mine in a free class. 

I headed to the locker area to put my bag and coat down. Wearing a spaghetti strap shirt was so NOT ideal. I was frozen! Pedal has 2 rooms and fortunately they had fan heaters in one where I went to warm up a little. Eventually I headed into the room with the bikes for our class to start. 

The instructor was Mr. Ray himself. He is the own of Pedal NYC. Before we began he came over and introduced himself and taught me how to use the bike (even though I've taken spin a zillion times- protocol!). 

This is the description that Classtivity put in my calendar:

"Indoor cycling is your calorie burning diamond in the rough! A multi-engaging exercise, ideal for all ages and fitness levels, workout newbies and pros are provided an outlet to be reactive and proactive for a healthy kick butt lifestyle.Don’t believe us? Here’s some proof… Indoor Cycling has been listed by the American Heart Association as an effective way for improving your cardiovascular health. Specially crafted for a low impact workout coupled with fierce sweat dripping cadences, you won’t miss a pedal while moving to the beat in the SpinBin!If that’s not enough to convince you to pedal with us, another equally enticing quality of indoor cycling is that it’s EXHILARATING & ENTERTAINING!PEDAL NYC's instructors are highly trained and ALWAYS bring their “A” game! Our classes jam out to ADRENALINE PUMPING, ENERGIZING, MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC!"

Mr. Ray started us off with a warm-up (I didn't get warm) and we were off! It took me a while to get used to the bike since I've been getting accustomed to Flywheel bikes. There was a RPM monitor attached so I could see how fast I was going, a clock and something else (clearly was not paying attention). My bike also came with a free water bottle!

Throughout the class Mr. Ray kept us motivated and encouraged us to keep going. Although I wish I heard more of the music. Sometimes I dislike too many countdowns when I really just want to get lost in a song. Our class was filled with sprints and hill climbs, we even split into teams at the end.

[Inspirational pillow on Pedal's couch!]
I highly recommend Pedal NYC's spin class for those new to spin. I didn't get the workout I was used to, but it felt good to be on the bike. For me, it was as challenging as I expected but for someone just getting their feet wet I think they would enjoy it.

My first Classtivity class (double negative?) was a success! Can't wait to share more recaps with you as the month goes on.

Have you been to Pedal NYC before? What did you think?


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