Monday, January 13, 2014

Classtivity Passport Class 2: Yoga Vida Union Square

Last Thursday I took a basic yoga flow at Yoga Vida's Union Square location though Classtivity. I headed down after work and it was really easy to get to. The elevator doors open right into the studio which was great. I checked in at the desk as a first time visitor. The front desk area was a bit small, it's also where you leave your coat and shoes. The man who checked me in was very polite and let me know where everything was. What did come as a shock was the $2 mat rental. My reminder e-mail from Classtivity said the only thing I need to bring was comfortable clothes- no mention of a yoga mat. Luckily my fee was waived when I mentioned that. 

A few months ago I read a story on Well & Good a few months back about how a man was suing after his leg went through a window when practicing a head stand. I commented on the story saying no one ever forced me to do anything I didn't want to do and had taken many crowded classes. BUT this class was overkill crowded. With potentially 50+ people in the class, I ended up squished in a corner by the cubbyholes where you put your bags. So I now totally understand his concern. 

I got settled in my little corner and stretched my legs out. That's the whole reason I was looking forward to yoga- my legs were super tight. Before class,the instructor did not come over to introduce himself, ask if anyone was new or if this was their first time at Yoga Vida. 

[Not event half of the people in the class]
The instructor started with a little background on breathing techniques then we began classes. At Yoga Vida, instructors demonstrate on a box so everyone can see (my guess is because it is so crowded). 

While the class was called flow, I felt it was just a race to get all of the poses in. Although my legs felt great, I I couldn't stretch to my full potential without nailing my neighbors in the head or landing in a cubby. I also didn't receive any adjustments- I know my yoga poses are not that good. 

The description Classtivity posted on my Google calendar said:

"In this Open-Level Vinyasa Flow class we keep the structure of the class simple enough for beginners, but suggest optional variation to engage and challenge all levels and abilities."

There were only minimal variations offered. In my personal opinion, the Yoga Vida class was geared toward college students who need something to do. It reminded me of when I first started yoga in college.

Classtivity's Passport is all about trying new studios. I'm happy I got to go to Yoga Vida but I don't think I will pursue additional classes. 

Have you ever been to Yoga Vida in Union Square? Thoughts?


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  1. Yoga Vida is very good for prenatal yoga. I would highly recommend those classes.